A Small Personal Note

I’ve told you about Chelsea before. She’s the closes thing to a sister I have on earth- and I love her more than I can put to words- which is saying something. Chelsea and I are cut from the same cloth. We look so much alike that people who know us have mistaken us at a distance.  Matter of fact- this picture? Most people think it’s me. It’s not. It’s her. Chels has been on my mind a lot lately…

When I got married, Chelsea made me 1000 origami cranes. Really. She did. She folded them all herself from crisp white paper, and then she hung them  all over the house.  They were wonderful, and magical, and I loved having them surround me. There were hundreds over my bed alone. I left them up for months. The thing is, I cannot remember what happened to them, and for some reason, it’s making me sad. So many tidbits and crumbs of ourselves we leave to others, and then they just float away. I love you Chels, even if I don’t know what happened to the cranes.

3 thoughts on “A Small Personal Note

  1. Bit further down the divorce path than you, but I know how you feel. What helped me was to take a “mental holiday” from the pain and the sheer volume of WORK it involves – I just said to myself “I won’t think about it anymore tonight” or for a couple of hours or whatever. I just read a book (detective stories) or watched a movie. Praying for you, as are many, many others.

  2. What an amazing thing for an amazing friend to do for you! Mourn the loss of your paper cranes, but hold onto the memories. Those cannot be taken from you when you keep them in your heart.

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