Count Your Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m revolting. By that I mean I am going to revolt against tradition, not that I’m disgusting. Although I might be disgusting- I don’t know- I did shower today. Anyway…

I holler Uncle. While I like the idea of a day of thanks, I really, really hate all the foods and gluttony associated with this day. I don’t like Turkey, marshmallows are disgusting, and they are in everything, from the yams to the jello to the pumpkin pie- which all three of those food, even without the marsh of mallows, would still be on my Hate-It food list. Stuffing and gravy can bite me. Mushy, soggy bread with turkey fat? How many ways can I say “No thank you!” Yes, I even hate pumpkin pie. I know. So sue me. I’m really sorry if we can’t be friends now- I promise I won’t care what your oddities are. I’m a picky eater. Oh yeah, that and the wheat allergy. Look around at your table and figure out what a Celiac could nosh… Yeah. Slim pickins.

The idea of getting out the good dishes, setting the table and putting on the pomp and circumstance of a formal holiday was just more than I could bear. Things are NOT normal, and no amount of pinecone centerpieces and orange cloth napkins is going to cover the fact that there is a permanent empty spot at our table. I’d rather not draw too much attention to it.  Believe me, no one forgets anyway.

So I’m revolting.

We are having a Mexican fiesta. I’m fixing pulled pork tacos, tamales, relano pie, guacamole (which you know I own) and even homemade corn tortillas. Nothing makes Beanie happier than squashing masa on the press. My single nod to tradition is a tiny, teeny little pumpkin pie I picked up for Jared, since he was in Iraq last Turkey Day. Otherwise, all bets are off.

Happy Turkey Day everyone. Count your blessing, name them one by one…

18 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings

  1. This year turkey day is different for us too. Usually my somewhat anti-social DH wants to spend the day at home, just the family. And I mean just our immediate family- 4 kids, me, and DH. This makes for a long day for me. Making all the “must have” foods by myself and crying because I’m lonely and miss my extended family which now numbers over 100 and is over 1000 miles away. And you know how it goes with kiddos shut up in the house all day…

    So when the sign up list went around for a potluck Thanksgiving at the church, I signed up. DH was not happy. Maybe it’s his turn to cry this year.

    Although I might be dreaming of your guac as I gulp down that mushy, soggy bread with turkey fat.

  2. me too! We went out for Chinese food last year. This year, I’m here alone with the kids and we’re having tomatoe soup (it’s homemade at least). I rented a movie on itunes for them. They might be a little sad. I don’t care.

  3. If, in a few years, you bow to that unholy pressure and decide to once again attack the traditional feast, I’ll send you my gluten-free Thanksgiving menu. Until then, fiesta away!

  4. Thanksgiving is anything you want it to be and don’t let the advertising/ commercialism/friends or family that have to spend it with people they would rather not, persuade you to think differently. Our favorite Thanksgivings are spent at Knotts Berry Farm – we can walk on to almost any ride we want with little waiting and have our dinner at the Chicken restaurant. It makes for a very happy and thankful day. Cheers!

  5. Tracy, dear, you know I love you, but you are an apostate when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner.

    Turkey, baby – and more turkey!! Stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, pie (ok, NOT pumpkin pie – or cranberry sauce – that’s a leftover of the incorrect tradition of our fathers) – with a generous helping of FOOTBALL!! Then more turkey, just to make sure.

  6. I know Ray. And someday, when we have a new Normal, I shall probably kick down the traditional feast again. And I CAN kick it down, make no mistake! But this year… this year, I just couldn’t do it.

    You have your turkey and stuffing, and then go play football with your kids. They are lucky to have you. And your lovely other half, whom I also love. 🙂

  7. Ah, Tracy, thank you for those sentiments. (tearing up) The kids and I are lucky to have Ray! We love you, too.

    Enjoy your fiesta! We will enjoy our traditional gathering with new friends and try not to miss old friends too much. We are both going to make it through our individual upward climbs!

    I hope you laugh with your kids and Mo’s family today. 🙂

  8. Yup. No gluttony at all in that feast you’re making. 🙂

    My friend does a gluten free Thanksgiving every year. It’s not that hard, but I can see how facing the first one would be daunting.

    I am about an hour away from my first diabetic Thanksgiving. I have no idea how much insulin to take, or what exactly I’m going to eat. Watching my friend dump masses of sugar into the cranberry sauce, pie crust and filling made me wonder what kind of day I’m in for. I may have to resolve myself to a weird blood sugar day and call it good. (I hate weird blood sugar days).

    I’m so with you on the marshmallows, though. Blech. And all fruit pies should be banned. Pumpkin I’m OK with.

  9. Okay, you got me Wiz. I am not ascetic I make myself out to be. 🙂

    Good luck keeping your blood-sugar from going all whonky. That would be unnerving. Happy Turkey day!

  10. I have to post a follow-up to my comment-

    It is such a good thing I signed up for dinner at the church because my oven refused to turn on yesterday! I had just made a pumpkin pie and was about to slide it in the oven when I realized it wasn’t hot. Nothing would cajole it into heating. So I baked the pie in the toaster oven. But a turkey obviously wouldn’t fit and there’s no way I was baking dozens of rolls 4 at a time.

    A range don’t seem to be the best deal this black Friday.

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