Onward to Christmas…

The kids are bringing in the Christmas boxes from the garage as I type. The dishes are all done and put away from yesterday, and all orange is being stripped from the house.  (I just heard a crash…oh crap!) Thanksgiving is done, and while I will continue to find reasons for being thankful, the mishmash of sadness and loss that is the actual holiday for me is now behind. (the crash was minor, no one is bleeding)

I’ve got Christmas carols on, and we’re getting out Mr. Fakey Fakerson. This year, while I momentarily considered a real tree, the $50 price-tag dissuaded me, and I opted for a pine and cedar scented candle. I think it might be a decent compromise- I like it.

Nothing in the world could have persuaded me to go out this morning and hit the sales. Not a thing. I did try and find a paper yesterday, but after trying ten stores, only to have them all sold-out, I figured that was an omen, and I was wasting more gas than I would ever save, considering I had no intention of getting up at 4 a.m. to fight over the 6 items actually on-sale with the 2000 people in line. (run-on sentence of the year!)

My mom and my sister-in-law were out at 3 a.m.- and they eat this kind of thing up. More power to them- I know they are having fun and getting lots of good deals. My mom’s called me six times from various stores, and I get stressed out just listening to the chaos in the background. I think my mom used to be disappointed I’m not a more eager shopper, and I am grateful that my SiL seems to fill that spot!

p.s. added at 3:10 pm: The male parental unit has once again flaked out and cancelled on his children. I will not expound upon how that makes me feel, and the only thing I am glad for is that I never told the kids he was supposed to show up today. Someday, perhaps, I’ll throw caution to the wind and write about this mess. He always encouraged me to lower my self-censorship and write with greater abandon…

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  1. You couldn’t pay me to go out this morning either! I did it one year, and it was insane! (besides, a mom of 4 needs her beauty sleep. Ahem.)
    I did do a little shopping at Old Navy online, and every time I went to “checkout” half my items would be deleted from my “shopping bag”. If it was that busy online, no way would I walk into the store!

  2. I just don’t get a thrill out of beating someone to good buy. When I factor in the line-waiting, the rudeness of people pushing to get the last gizmo, and the emotional toll, it’s not worth saving 20 extra percent. I don’t need anything that badly.

  3. I thought the great North West had lots of lovely inexpensive pines. No? We’ve got a place here that sells Douglas Firs for $ 9.99. My son can’t touch them though–allergy. We can do cedars, but it’s harder to find them at that kind of price. Sometime my best friend brings us back one when they cut theirs. We still haven’t decided what we’re doing this year.

    I went to one store this morning and someone had her cart stolen. (Luckily she didn’t have her purse in there!) She just turned away for a moment to look at something else. Craziness.

  4. I’m with you on the whole Black (and Blue) Friday. nope.

    As the child of (quite a few) divorces, do your self and the kids a favour and do not depend on ANYone except each other. Never tell your kids that XYZ will happen until you are literally moments away from that event taking place. When the kids ask “Where are we going?” reply vaguely. Flat tires, stolen purses, a rapidly disappearing dad who eventually fades completely…all of these things will break your heart right along with the kids’. Instead do as you did this holiday, plan simply, live well, and when/if “company” arrives to share in their day, wahoo, what a surprise. A surprise is so much better than a disappointment. Trust your children to figure it all out eventually (and they will)-those who they can depend on and those they cannot, those who love them unconditionally, those who do not. Make sure they are always sure of your love first. It won’t do any good to vent with the kids or sympathize with their disappointments verbally, grin and bear it*…they’ll figure it out on their own and in the end be able to say their mom was never bitter in front of them.

    Keep your chin up, do what you need to do, *vent to your trusted girl friends when you need to vent.

    Oh yeah, current count at the S’mee household is 16 trees up, 4 decorated in full… this will be the year of me getting back to what I do best. Do what YOU do best and the kids will love and remember you for it…even with a fake tree and/or Fiesta instead of turkey. It’s only a compromise if MOM says it is. Who makes the rules for these things anyway…YOU do.

  5. 16 TREES? Holy……

    I am anti-black Friday. Friday is a day to sit and eat leftovers. The end.

    Our Christmas is up. But we do just have the one tree. Sixteen is blowing my mind.

    I think smee gives great advice.

  6. I have no desire to get up early and do the sales, so I sent my mom too hehehe. They had a great 22 piece pots n pans set (high quality!) normally $200 down to $20, and a child’s size chair for $30 down from $160. See, I wanted to get Toby (my 22 month old) a child size chair for our living room and this one actually matches in there and looks nice. And was cheap. Yay for Black Friday!

    I did go with my mom and grandma later in the day though, just to join along for the ride. For the most part people were quite civil, but maybe I just wasn’t watching closely enough. I felt really bad for the employees but everyone was sooo nice and not stressed at all. I used to work at the Target toy department and boy was that insane.

    I sometimes wish you would throw caution to the wind…. I know it’s none of my business but I feel like opening up more might help you vent and release some of the hurt and frustration and anger you feel. That could just be me though. *hug*

    Anyway Tracy, I found your blog I think two years ago and read through your entire archives in one night. I think you are an incredible person and an amazing mother. You are the kind of mother I aspire to be. (On a side note, it was a huge relief to hear I was not the only one deathly ill during pregnancy.) Thank you for sharing yourself with us here on the intarwebs. You have many, many people standing behind you and supporting you from afar. I hope you can feel that and rely on our strength when yours is low.

  7. SEVENTEEN trees?? I bet your house looks SO good! I’ve got one up. I have a tiny one to put in the entry way, but it’s not up, and an even tinier one for the kitchen. Also not up. Smee, you would love my mother’s house. One of her full-size trees even spins. It has 400 Disney Radko ornaments on it.

    Kris, I don’t think I’ve even read my archives. 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words. I do feel the prayers. I don’t know so many people, but I know I get read- I can see it in the numbers, and sometimes I wish more of you would let me know who you are. I feel the wagons circled around me, if you will. It’s like having the wind at your back- subtle, but helps more than you would suspect.

  8. S’mee is wise. What wonderful counsel.

    But seriously, 16 trees?!?! Wow. I bet it’s beautiful, but I can’t even imagine… I’m still trying to figure out how to rearrange furniture in our new home for 1 tree. (We moved this summer, so this is our first Christmas here.)

    In time, you will navigate this minefield, Tracy. Love ya!

  9. Ah Tracy, we have talked about your dear mother’s Disney tree before…I have the same spinning tree, although sans 400 Disney trimmings. My trees are what *I* do. They all have a zillion (dollar store type) decorations, some stuffed with toys, some stuffed with packages, but all of them designed on the cheap. I’ll post pictures in a bit, although Christmas Tree photos never really show what they look like in real life. I would love to see your mom’s house, the yard, the whole shebang must be fabulous. She sounds like a loon…I think I would love her. Like I said though kid, do what *you* do and make that fabulous enough. Big doesn’t necessarily mean size, but more *feel*…go for the Big Feel and you’ll be just fine.

    Some day I’ll have to tell you about the Thanksgiving we had hot dogs… in the end, the hot dog Thanksgiving is the one we remember above all others.

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