20 thoughts on “The M’s Christmas Photo 2009

  1. I say USE IT! I once sent out a picture of my 2 daughters rolling on the ground fightening and said “Better Luck Next Year!”

  2. Ray just walked past as I was looking at this and commented, “What Liz said! This is awesome!”

    Of course, if this photo was of OUR kids, I would insist on taking more pics, trying to get a better one. However, Ray wouldn’t. He’d use one like this! lol

    It does encapsulate your life with your kids, so in that sense it really is perfect. 🙂

  3. That sounds like a familiar story. Last year I wanted to put in this funny picture of us from a weekend trip, where half of us weren’t looking at the camera but we were all there and we were all happy. I didn’t do it. I regret it. Goofy faces are awesome.

  4. I can see why this might not have been what you were looking for but — they are mighty cute kids and this shows lots of personality! Seeing this picture makes me want to know your kids. And isn’t that what you want everyone who gets your card to feel?

  5. hehehe, well at least you didn’t pay a professional. Years back I paid some guy to get the pro shot….never got it. Instead we got the perfect shot…just like you did. One full of personality and chutzpah. I say come up with a clever greeting and rock that card.

  6. I’ve gotta few like that. I kind of like them.

    Try cutting and pasting. Bean looks good in one. Abby in another. Just take their little virtual heads and past ’em on a copy of the one where Jeffery looks great.

  7. Oh count my vote with the “SEND IT!” crowd! Nothing is more depressing than getting those posed, perfect family photos and letters every year-when our house is always a ZOO. Liberate the ones you love and encourage them to embrace and celebrate their own inner “zoo” too! LOL

  8. Best photo I ever sent out was my husband, myself, Firstborn and Secondborn surrounding the Tomte elf outside of the Scandinavian shop downtown SLC. I noticed after they were printed that Firstborn was trying to poke out the tomte’s eye. Didn’t think much of it and sent them out. Not long after I got a phonecall from my very proper Southern Georgia grandmother.

    My 6 year old son was using his middle finger. It looked like he was flipping off the photographer.

    Lots of phone calls that year!

  9. Longtime lurker. First-time commenter. Pics with 3 are too funny. My Christmas pic turned out almost the same (plus a 3 year old in a body cast to work around). I think whenever mine are fighting I will line them up for a photo and see how quickly the bickering will turn to funny faces. Too cute and should definitely go into cards to brighten up everyone’s holidays.

  10. I don’t know that I have a picture from the whole year (and that’s probably 1000+ photos) with all three of my kids looking at the camera at the same time, let alone looking and smiling. I’ve gotten over it. We just do candid shots and say they’re good enough around here.

  11. Ugh, our family pictures didn’t pan out either. I opted with sending out a collage of individual photos that were taken throughout the year. It’s definitely not the cutest picture ever, and I was a little sad as I was stuffing the envelopes this year. But it got to the point where DONE was better than cute. There is always next year, right?

  12. I just posted a similarly silly family picture on my blog. I’m tempted to use it anyway and write “from our zoo to yours” or something equally cheeky.


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