Anthropologie Christmas Catalog

The Anthropologie Christmas Catalog came today, (and I know I’m going to get completely flamed for this by the girls with bangs who look like Zooey Deschanel) but it’s just  pretentious I can’t take it anymore.

The design blogs drool and fawn over every Anthro photo shoot, and I can usually see why- they’ve got flair and the buyers are good at ferreting out good stuff from unique companies. But even so, I am sick of it.

I’m just saturated in all the designers telling me to simplify, to embrace the everyday, to love beauty, to live lightly and/or consume less, while buying their $5000 sofa with organic velveteen woven in Madagascar by vestal virgins. I’m sorry.  No thank you.

And. I’m tired of being told things recylced from the 70’s are the next big thing. Leg warmers sucked the first time around. Ditto stirrup pants. So did owls on everything. And bright yellow paint on antique furniture, I don’t care how hard you try and sell it, is a bad idea. In a very short time, I promise, you will look at that old davenport with the canary latex, and wonder “WHY did I DO that?”

So that’s it. Flame away. I’ve got my kevlar on.

18 thoughts on “Anthropologie Christmas Catalog

  1. I laughed out loud reading this post. Just the other day, my husband’s jaw dropped at the prices. I reassured him that I like to look at the catalog, then look for the items for 10% of the anthro price (or less) at thrift stores. I can’t imagine spending more than a few month’s mortgage for a piece of furniture. No flames here, I’m with you.


    The girl who looks really bad in bangs.

    • Rae, I look really, really bad in bangs too. And even so, with looking at the cute stylish girls who pull them off, I’ve thought about doing it! Then, thankfully, I pull my head out before I make the cut!

      • I did bangs last year- what’s worse, I cut them at home. For two months, until I could work them into a side-bang, I was just mad all the time. So now I also try to pull my head out first.

  2. That’s a pretty decent “current trends that will be very dated in 5 years” roundup.
    Too bad about the owls though… I liked them.

    • Em, I guess that’s my point. I look at the trends and just see how aged they are going to look in a very short time. Whereas if you opt for classic-think Audrey Hepburn- you solve problem of both looking dated and over consumption because you constantly need to update.

      Don’t get me wrong- I love the design blogs, and read them- but lately I just find myself completely lacking the energy it takes to keep up. And then I started wondering “why do I need to?”

      For me, if I see dusky blue geese coming back into “style”, I’ll know the end is near. 😉

  3. I’m with you!

    Yesterday I had the rare chance to channel surf. Martha was on, she was making “economical” Christmas gifts. She made a necklace rhinestone thing and the rhinestones ‘only’ cost $40! Then there was the follow-up jewelry segment where they flaunted jewelry in the hundreds. The only jewelry that I own that cost more than $100 are family heirlooms or my wedding ring. It just isn’t compatible with small children. Besides, I’d rather have a sofa than a necklace.

    Younger generations will curse us for painting all the antiques of the world. I guess that means those who keep the original finish will get the big bucks because it will be so rare.

    Bangs bring up bad memories of feathering. My teenage daughter doesn’t even know what feathered bangs are 🙂

  4. Ha. I just finished painting a dresser yellow! ( but it was a salvation army find not an antique). And I like owls. But I have never seen an Anthro catalouge or been in a store. So that means the influence permeates. Hmm.

    You are funny. Can’t wait to see the flames.

    Oh, BTW. Will you paint me a giant canvas of owls? In yellow? 🙂

    • Yes, I would love to paint you a yellow owl mural!

      And if you want to paint stuff yellow because you absolutely love it today, knock yourself out- but just don’t paint your family heirlooms- I promise, you’ll kick yourself. Or your kids will! (this from someone who has stripped two antique pianos, whose previous owners thought olive green and dark red respectively looked better than the patina of 100 year old quarter-sawn oak or mahogany.)

      • I know. I was kidding about the mural though I would take one!!!

        thinking of you. We had to (almost) 5150 cubby twice this week. things are heavy. Trying to figure out what is best for all.

      • Oh my goodness, my mom once painted and “antiqued” a gorgeous grandfather clock owned by great grandmother who got it in the early 1900s. She didn’t like how it turned out, so she got rid of it.

        My grandma wanted to KILL her. And now that I am old enough to realize what a priceless heirloom that clock was, I do too. Argh!!

  5. No flames from this direction. I totally agree with you.

    But I could get excited about embracing the everyday and simplifying! Where can I get the “how-to” manual for that?

  6. Amen. I discovered a while back that I just can’t read design blogs or furniture catalogs – they make me feel greedy and wanty and unsatisfied with what I already have.

  7. I still love owls and other birds (though not dusky geese – yikes!) but that’s been for many, many years. I’ve seen three or four painted pianos lately and though they can look cool right now I thought the same thing. “What about the original wood!? You’ll be sad someday!” And that “simplifying” is actually a lot of work and money. I still love the design blogs and catalogs, too, but usually I try to figure out how I can recreate whatever I love on my own because I certainly don’t need to pay $80 for a kitchen drawer pull. You summed it up well.

    – Another girl who will not go back to bangs

  8. I love your blog, but especially this post. I’ve never been in Anthropologie or seen a catalog. Last year I refinished a cute cabinet that someone painted canary yellow decades ago and wondered WHY they would ever do that.

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