Jeffrey: Baptized

My oldest son entered the waters of baptism tonight. While I’m not so sure about an 8 year-old being able to understand the ordinance- he was so filled with joy it was clearly a good decision. We need more joy in our lives these days.

I know it’s hard to say the choice was all his, but he turned 8 back in August, and I really made a point of putting no pressure on him. He knew his dad would not be allowed to perform the ordinance, but when he learned an older boy he admires was free to, he eagerly asked him.

Dad did show up, and mercifully, I don’t think Jeffrey realized he was so late and missed the actual baptism. Jeffrey was glowing with happiness. The rest is his story to tell, should he ever decide to.

The turnout from our ward was huge, and the room was full. All for one little boy. I am so grateful for all the people who showed up, who love my family, who help us hold ourselves up everyday, in ways I know about, and in a million ways I don’t.

(painting by Minerva Teichert)

20 thoughts on “Jeffrey: Baptized

  1. Isn’t it strange how much having people from your ward supporting you on that special day really does mean so much?

    When we lived in Sweden, our oldest was baptized. None of the grandparents were able to come. It broke my heart and though I tried not to be upset about it, I really was.

    Anyhow, the day my son was baptized we showed up at the church and the entire chapel was full of our wonderful friends supporting us. That was when I realized I didn’t just have good friends in Sweden. I had an entire FAMILY.

    I’m glad you’ve been supported and strengthened by such great ward members and friends.

  2. What a happy, exciting thing! I’m so happy for Jeffrey and the rest of your family for having such a wonderful ward family who loves you and isn’t afraid to show it. Congratulations, Jeffrey!

  3. I went to a child’s baptism this weekend was reminded (again) how great they feel. Sure, the kids don’t understand the whole thing, but they know enough and it really is a happy event. Glad you had good ward support and a joyous moment.

  4. I am so happy for Jeffrey! It’s good for you to have such happy moments to remember during these trying times. I pray you have many more awesome times to come.

  5. What a big day!! I was suprised and touched at how much lulu GOT it. I wish we could have been there. Thinking of you all!

  6. Congrats to Jeffrey and to his mother who is raising him to make his own decisions on his own time and to feel the spirit!

    And kudos to a supportive ward “family” who took the time to wrap their arms around you and your son on such a special day.

  7. What a tender moment. Jeffrey will remember the feelings, even if he doesn’t remember all the minute details. I am happy for him, and happy for you, and happy that you have the love and support of such a wonderful ward family!

  8. He’ll remember it. He may not remember everything, but he’ll remember the feeling of doing the right thing, and the love, and the Spirit. Powerful stuff, even for a kid. I’m so glad this got to happen for you.

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