A Christmas Bath

I have accidentally stumbled upon a Christmas Miracle. Tonight, I had an extra string of lights that had no home, and on a whim, I strung them in the kids bathroom. The boys came tumbling in and exclaimed with great joy. I turned off the overheads and the vanity, and left on just the colored Christmas lights draped over the top of the vanity mirror. They raced to see who could have their “Christmas Bath” first. It was quiet and peaceful, and everyone had a bath with no fighting, and everyone was happy and smelled good and went to bed with ease, kisses and sugarplums. I’m so not kidding.

Drape some lights around your bathroom ceiling and see! It’s the coolest, cheapest sedative I’ve ever stumbled upon. Christmas Baths for everyone!

(and, um… yeah, clearly keep them away from the tub. okay?)

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14 thoughts on “A Christmas Bath

  1. I love this idea! I found, too, that indoor lights wrapped around a fake-pine garland and then draped around the walls on discreet hooks or nails makes any room into a magical Christmas fairyland. Instead of decorating outside, I just decorate the inside and let it show through the windows.

  2. We had some kids sleep over who were used to sleeping with night lights. My son doesn’t sleep with a night light, so I stuck a random strong of lights in his bedroom where they were all sleeping. They loved it, and no more crying for mommy. My kid STILL has those lights in his room. I didn’t even string them up nicely or anything–just literally plugged them in and tossed them on the dresser. He digs them. He’ll probably keep them there forever.

    Lights are cool.

  3. God bless the nights when the kids go to bed…..HAPPY! At what age does one’s resistance to going to bed turn into day long yearning for mattress contact? I swear, there are days when my heart’s desire is for someone to say “You are SO going to bed early young (old) lady!”

    In our last house, the master bathroom did not have a window, but it DID have this delicious corner jetted tub. I hated soaking in it because the room was so “empty” and personality-less. So I ordered a fabulous “wallpaper” painting/mural online of a scene overlooking a Mediterranean bay. When applied to the wall, it made the bather feel like they were soaking in tub on a tiled balcony on a hill above the water. But it didn’t add any “light” ambiance…so…

    I took a string of white holiday lights and wrapped it around the length of two long dowels, and then wrapped the whole thing with silk grapevines. I hung the dowels on teacup hooks screwed into the wall near the ceiling, and stapled (carefully) the no-light part of the cord to the vanity mirror edge. The plug ended up perfectly situated to be plugged into one of the outlets that was next to the sinks for easy on/off use.

    It was heaven. I used to take long baths in the “fake” candlelight/twilight while gazing out over the blue lagoon on the wall. Moms NEED that kind of down time and it cost me nothing to enjoy such pampering.

    *The ceiling was 10 feet up and there was no way my children could reach the lights themselves, and they weren’t able to reach the outlet from the tub either. Even if one of the dowels fell down, the second dowel and hooks would have prevented it from reaching the tub. When we listed the house for sale, every solid bid came from a couple who raved about the “romantic”, “cool”, “incredible” master bath. LOL
    **P.S.S.-We did a “faux” plaster finish on the walls too and then I framed each doorway with totally FAKE “rock slices” that I made out of foam insulation core and painted, dry brushed, and GLUED to the wall. Seriously. As tacky as it sounds, I got asked endlessly how I managed to get “rock” to “stick to the walls”.

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  5. I hung up our lights in the bathroom today. My boys were in awe, and my little girl has not seen it yet, but she will be even more excited!
    The soft glow, so peaceful and serene.
    Thanks for the great idea!

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