Midnight Ramblings

I’m bored. Everyone I know is asleep. Why am I not asleep? I took a five-minute nap when I popped the kids in bed (Everyone was in bed by 7, due to fighting fouls. Hoooah!) and now I’m watching the clock round the bend towards the witching hour. Which if you have known me for long, is really 3 a.m. And hopefully that won’t be the case tonight.

I’m hungry. I totally shouldn’t be. I ate enough today- unlike some days. This not having an appetite is awesome. Is this what regular people are like? Because never in my life has my stomach turned off- as evidenced by the current rumbling. Grumble rumble gurgle mumble. Go away. I’m busy. Leave me alone. NO, you don’t need any pizza, now shut up. You want me to use the Epi-pen? Yeah, that’s what I thought. No pizza for you!

Abby’s got a croupy cough, and I just filled humidifier and popped it right outside her room. Seeing as how we hit all of 15 degrees F today, and are at, oh, a balmy 7 F as I type, I suppose our indoor air is pretty Saharan. It’s been fun playing with the static and the boys though. Zzzzap! he he he…

Why do concave mirrors and spoons turn your reflection upside down?

I had a great hair day today. I mean, awesome. It was soft, and beautiful, and the blond is really mellowing and I love it. Dry days are a curly girl’s best friend. Only I’m not embracing the curls currently. I’m loving the shampoo-ad hair. When it’s this arid, it’s easy for me to put it on big rollers and get big, glossy, bouncy, full hair. And babies, when the weather is right, I’m grabbing that brass ring. I could totally be in a hair commercial. Only they would have to graft my head on a new body. I hear they can do that in Photoshop these days. What? I saw the Dove ad.

It was so cold today I skipped going to the grocery store and ordered a $10 pizza from Pizza Hut for the kids. It came, it was HOT and I didn’t have to do anything. Probably not the best use for my Christmas money, but it sure made my evening happier.

(I am in desperate need of a Lego Star Wars Hailfire Droid thing. It looks like this:)

Lego, why do you break my heart? And you sucky people on eBay, why do you resell all the Lego you bought at Toys R Us last week when they were all on sale and I couldn’t get the ones my kids asked SANTA for because you were being a greedy HOG and taking them all and are now asking three times what you paid for them. You suck.

Anyway, if anyone can pull a hat-trick on one of these, I will gladly PayPal or mail you a check. DONE!

Since we’re wishing for rainbows and ponies, the MTT Troop Carrier has been on their list for two Christmases running. This one doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s like a leprechaun, or 401K’s with money in them- a legend only. The SUCKY people on eBay are selling them for $300. THREE HUNDRED dollars. For Danish plastic. *sigh*

Sixteen days till Christmas!

15 thoughts on “Midnight Ramblings

  1. My lovely friend, let me introduce you to the best LEGO resaler on the internet: bricklink.com. I searched the term Hailfire Droid and got tons of results, average price $60 or so.

    Love from one mom of boys to another.

  2. Arid days are your friend? And you can get big, bouncy shampoo ad curls, just with hot rollers?

    Listen here, missy. As a woman who lives her life in fear of static electricity and watches her own hair stand on or get stringy every time I go to the arid deserts of Utah, and who has never in her life had big bouncy hair, I NEVER, do you hear me, NEVER want to hear you whining about your hair again.

    Shampoo-ad hair? Seriously?

    You suck.

    (You know I love you, right?)

    • Ha! Yeah, I’m not kidding. But I need BIG rollers. They actually just smoooooth my hair out, and then when I take it out, I have smooth, glossy body-filled hair. It’s great- but seriously, if there’s any humidity at all, it’s all shot. Today, because the humidifier was on for Abby’s cough, all hope is lost.

      (yes, I do!)

  3. Yeah, count me as one of the magic frizzball haired people too. By the time I get home and take off my earmuffs it’s all hovering straight out from my head. It’s fun for everyone else though…
    We finally busted out out humidifier as well. I think we need two more, maybe 3.
    Ha, I haven’t even bought ANYTHING for Christmas yet, so there. In fact Curious George is sneaking out later to buy a gift for Thing 2’s birthday, which is TODAY.
    I know how you feel, I get up so early that nobody is available to chat with. I want to call someone on my first break but that’s at 6-ish and I don’t think anyone would appreciate that. One of these days you’ll be up late enough and I’ll be up early enough that our schedules will overlap!
    Love yer guts!

    • OOOOOH!!!! Clicking now!

      (crap. they don’t take PayPal. How is that possible??)

      I found another site that had it for $22.99. I can do that. I have now, in fact, done that. Santa baby, is done!

  4. You’re such a cool mom. My boys keep asking for certain Star Wars legos sets and I can’t keep them all straight. So instead I bought them each a Pirate set this year. LOL.

  5. Still quite pricey, but you can get the MTT Troop Carrier on BrickLink as well – one person is selling it for $180 (with instructions, without the original box). Still $80 more than the original sale price… but much less than the $300 on ebay and google shopping. If you go to BrickLink search for 7662 (the item number) – and that will pull up all the options for you (my husband is a lego nerd).
    Maybe a good suggestion for some relative who is feeling super generous this holiday.

    • Anna, thanks for the head’s up. ANY other year, I would be all over it- but I cannot even begin to justify it- for a million reasons.

      I have a feeling my kids are going to be Lego nerds forever, too.

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