My Geologist will Rock YOU

Today, while getting ready for church, Jeffrey was in the bathroom singing at the top of his lungs, to the tune of Iron Man by Black Sabbath, “I… am… a… geologist, studying earth’s what I do best!” Then he switched to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, but with the words “Igneous rocks cover the earth, inside a volcano is the place of their birth, we will, we will rock you. Basalt and granite on the earth’s face, igneous rocks all over the place, singing we will, we will rock you!” He’s been working on it for weeks.

I’ve never been so proud.

* Also, anytime he notices I’m driving over the posted speed limit, he starts in with “Breakin’ the Law” by Judas Priest. Yes, he’s 8.

8 thoughts on “My Geologist will Rock YOU

  1. Ha Ha Ha! I love eight year olds!!! My two crack me up – one came home to tell me his brother ‘has a girlfriend!’ When I asked about her and why he liked her he said ‘her face is nice to look at’ and that he liked her ‘orange hair.’ Lady killer that one!

    And they are totally into the Christmas songs this year. Their favorite? Last Christmas by WHAM! Cracks me up that they love a song from my High School days!

  2. ha! He’s clearly a genius! I have a 3yo who does that kind of thing–but he’s got big brothers coaching him so it doesn’t count. The kids’ current fave rock bastardization is “I am Iron Man, running over kids in my mini-van.” 🙂

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