For Reals… Merry Christmas

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. The cookies have been made and delivered- or rather, the baklava. The shopping, shipping, wrapping, decking, baking, rushing, fretting, and fighting are all done. Now, there is nothing but pregnant peace.

December 24th is my favorite day. Not Christmas itself- that’s full of hustle and hubbub and excitement and glee- all good things, but oh, the night before… When all things are wide open, and the preparations are all done. When the hurrying stops and the sitting quietly and contemplating the deep winter silence can begin.

I love the night before Christmas. I love the rosy cheeks of my children, nestled into their beds, giddy with anticipation. I love the soft glow of the lights, as I shut down the house for sleep and get ready to turn in. I love the still quiet night, and the empty roads.

This is the Silent Night. Merry Christmas to all of you- family, friends, loved ones near and far, and those of you who care about me and my children, and come here to offer your love. Thank you. Merry Christmas. Blessed be this night above all others.

8 thoughts on “For Reals… Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Merry Christmas my dear dear friend! You and your children deserve all the peace and joy this holiday offers!

    (I had to laugh and the “pregnant peace” comment! In my world, those two words don’t go together!)


  2. I adore your stockings! I made your halleluja nativity quilt for my mom and mil this year and they both loved them. any chance you have patterns of the stockings for sale too? Oh and Merry Christmas =)

  3. Liesl- thank you. I hadn’t even thought about writing a pattern for the stockings. I suppose I could. I just made them up for each of my kids as they were born. I finished Abby’s the day before her first Christmas!

    I’m so glad you liked the pattern!

  4. I love this post. I’m with you – Christmas Eve is the best day of the holidays. The anticipation, excitement and love are so much more. Happy 2010!

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