Sunday Survial

Miracle of miracles, church wasn’t bad today! Dread and trepidation were all I could think of when switching from 11 a.m. church to 9 a.m. church- and surprise! It wasn’t horrendous. The kids were reasonably well-behaved. I had told the boys they could play Wii before church if they got up and got dressed, including shoes and socks, and lo! they were both playing Wii at 7 a.m. Dressed and shod. It was lovely.

All I had to do was get myself and Abby ready, and that was easy. No yelling, no tears, no tantrums. We even got there early enough to get a real pew, and not a folding death-chair in the overflow.

Both boys were assigned talks today, and both did spectacular. Beanie jumped right up to the microphone, and thoroughly enjoyed the sound of his own voice. He never even tried to crawl under the podium. It was awesome. Jeffrey was poised and composed as he read his talk, and he did wonderfully, now as a big kid in Senior Primary. Abby’s new Sunbeam teacher is our old Stake President. Yes, I am totally serious. That’s how stacked our ward is- the most recent SP teaches Sunbeams. I love it.

My new Sunday School kids are going to be super- and most of my old kids came up and hugged me today, telling me they miss me. I am friends with their new teacher, and know she’ll do a great job, but I love that I have relationships with these kids that will hopefully continue on for a long time. My teaching style is a little unorthodox- not what I teach, but my style. I use the book as a springboard and never, ever do a lesson just reading.  I like my classes to be more of a round-table, vibrant discussion of ideas, and not me droning from the book.

And we were home in time for lunch. Huzzah!

12 thoughts on “Sunday Survial

  1. I’m taking notes on the church prep. What a brilliant idea. I’m happy it all went better than you anticipated. Peanut said they prayer in primary today. I was the only one who could hear it but she stood in front and said it so I was a proud mama.

  2. Our day went okay, too. We were late, but not because of tantrums, just because I was slow. The kids were perfect–it was sort of weird. And then they were still in a good mood when we got home–again, weird. Usually they are whining banshees by the time we get home around 5:00. There’s a lot to be said for getting home so much earlier. Grudgingly, I have to admit that if I can pull MYSELF together in the mornings, this am church thing might not be so bad.

  3. We moved to 9 am church, too. I don’t know how it will go because I was unable to attend today due to sickness. Yuck. I think that because my oldest is 16-months, it should be splendid! No more interfering with morning naps. Yay!

    Your account of today reminds me so much of my friend. Her husband used to be out of town, working, most Sundays of the month. She has 3 kids, 5 to 16-months. I asked her once how she makes it to church. She told me that she prays every morning for things to work out. She informed me that if it was too much, she would not go. Heavenly Father watches out for her, apparently, because she has not missed a meeting since her husband started that job.

  4. What age do you teach? I teach the oldest girls in Primary, and I’m the same way. They love to act things out, so we do that a lot. But I try to mix things up so it doesn’t get boring. This year I have three very quiet girls and one who is more vocal, so it’s a completely different dynamic. (I usually had 3-4 loud ones and one really quiet one.)

  5. This is in response to your last couple of posts because I just think you are that amazing:

    So proud of you. You are doing it and you’re making it! Hang in there!! 🙂 Here’s to new beginnings..

  6. What a great teacher you are, that is what youth need, not to be taught down to. Wish my daughter had you!

    So glad this Sunday was good. That Wii thing may have to be weekly…

    Our Sunday was uber weird. Our branch changed, we’re in a new ward. The meeting was so crowded with 3 wards meeting together that even though we were early we sat on those stupid death chairs. Then the loudspeaker didn’t work. I cried most of the way through the meeting, even though I’m mostly happy about the change. Church always brings out the weepy crazy lady in me.

    My DH will need to read this post as he’ll be taking our 4 kids by himself soon, I’ve got stake visits to make.

  7. Okay, you don’t know me from Adam. My cousin’s fiance posted your blog post about going to the gym on her Facebook page. It caught my attention and I began reading. Last night I read your first two posts and was very teary-eyed. Your writing style is beautiful and I was completely drawn in. I found myself on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. So, I left your blog up on my browser and thought I’d read some more today. And I began to read this post… and I thought “oh, she’s Mormon!!!”. YEA! I’m LDS, too. I know you don’t know me, but you’ve got my attention and as weird as it may be, I’m drawn in by your blog even thought we don’t know each other. I don’t think my writing is anywhere near as interesting as yours and I’ve not updated my blog in ages, but here’s mine (since it’s only fair I let you spy on me, too):
    Thank you for your inspiration.

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