So apparently today I am to accomplish nothing. It’s almost 2:00, and I’m still in my jammies. I missed my step-class this morning due to children and chaos. Then I missed the next chance due to children, chaos and meeting the kindergarten bus. Now, I have to run carpool in just a bit, and I find myself curled up in the wingchair in my room, completely not caring about anything, wishing for a Cinnabon. Or some Ben & Jerrys. Or some lasagna. Or a burrito from La Bamba. And what do I have in my refrigerator? Healthy food. Sugar-free popsicles. Crap.

The laundry, while clean, has evolved from a simple mountain into an entire range, moving from my closet towards the bedroom door in massive daily upheaval and subduction. I look at it and think “Fold it? Why bother? At least it’s clean” and then I turn on Tom and Jerry for Abby so maybe she will stop repeating every random idea that springs to her little brain sixteen times. She is The Narrator. She tells a constant, running monologue about what is happening in our house. And it drives. me. crazy.

And here I sit… Like every single other thing under the sun, this too shall pass.

5 thoughts on “Doldrums

  1. You know what, though? I think these days (Mine was yesterday) are a part of our bodies’ survival methods, a way of making us rest when we need it most. It will pass, and I’ll bet you’re more energized for it.

  2. My laundry will never be finished. Ever. My 20 year old still narrates everything. Her younger brother had trouble talking because she NEVER shuts up. And the only reason I don’t spend the days in my jammies is because I sleep in sweats. No one ever knows the days when I can barely function.

  3. Haha! Again you have described me! The laundry is overwhelming, i’m in sweats (all day everyday) and can not get motivated today to save my life. Here’s to tomorrow….(oh, and i’ve eaten chocolate sheet cake for breakfast, lunch, and most likely dinner!)

  4. Five out of my six are narrator. I try to be merciful because they certainly come by the trait naturally. Still! Ear plugs really do take the edge off. It’s not silence, but it’s muffling. Sweet little voices are so shrill. Know what I mean?

    I was a lump on a log today too. Think it was the way the stars are aligned or something?

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