So, very, incredibly sick. Sicker than I can remember being in at least 10 years. My tonsils and uvula look like grapes, and swallowing is a pain that makes me tense up an steel my whole body. Ears are draining, chest is socked in , sinuses are achy and constantly on full, I’m cold, I’ve got the the chills, a fever, and I have three little kids.

My home teachers brought over chicken and rice soup tonight, which was delicious, as I tried to eat it without actually swallowing. That worked better with the broth than with the rice. Jeffrey was the “mom” all day- I am humiliated to admit, but also proud he was able to fix simple things for his brother and sister. They played Wii and watched cartoons almost all day.

And I layed in bed in a feverish haze while re-runs of Barney Miller on WGN confused me more, taking me back to when I was eight and sick with the flu on my parent nubby tweed couch. I kept waiting for my mom’s cool hand on my brow, to brush my hair back like all moms do.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon…and hoping people continue to help out and serve you! (and hoping for lots and lots of milkshakes to be brought to you for your throat!)

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