Dusting Us Off: III

And the hits they just keep coming. I was talking to a friend last night, and it was agreed if my current life were a movie script, the writers would be told to dial it back a bit because it’s pushing the boundaries of believability. This divorce is not conventional. Many women going through a divorce still are receiving financial and child-care support from their estranged husbands. They can count on having every other weekend, and maybe even a day or two during the week when the kids are with their dad.

It’s not going to work out that way for our family. I’ve known and accepted for some time that there would be no financial support for me or the kids, but I was still holding to the thinnest of hope that my kids’ father would step up and still be a decent dad. On Saturday, all those hopes were dashed, and my kids and I were thrown into grieving and loss again.

It will be a long time  and a lot of work before their father can regain any of his parental rights. This is not me being mean- this is mandated by the law. I wish I could tell more of the story without violating the privacy of those involved, but I don’t think I can.

But from here on out, it’s me and the kids. I’m reeling as I process that, and try and plot the new course of our lives. We can do this. My children are bright and resilient, and I am capable and strong. We can do this. We can. And we will.

15 thoughts on “Dusting Us Off: III

  1. Oh Tracy, I am so sorry.
    You can and you will. Just keep telling yourself that.
    Believe in yourself and know that others are praying for you and believe in you too.
    You can and you will!

  2. hi tracy,

    i’m so sorry. i started reading you at mormon mommy wars and now here. this story is heartbreaking. i just don’t understand how your husband can not be financially part of his kids lives. isn’t this against the law? don’t they garnish wages? i mean, they’re his responsibility too, esp financially.

    i hope this all works out for you. again, i’m so sorry.


  3. Wow, sorry.
    I expect we’re all going to get really familiar with our roman numerals.
    Love you and your darling, resilient kids!

  4. Oh Tracy, I’m so sorry that you are getting hit with this too. I wish that I could say something to make it better, but I’ve got nothing. But I’m going to the temple tonight and I’ll put you and your kids names on the prayer roll. Oh and if you haven’t already get a blessing ASAP!

  5. AArrrgh. Nasty words..

    How blessed your kids are to have you. Where would they be if you weren’t so strong? I know saying that may make you feel that a mountain is on your shoulders. But it should never make you doubt your value as their mother. I’m glad they do have you.

  6. I am truly, truly sorry. And yes you can do this. You don’t want to, and shouldn’t have to, but you can do it. I don’t even know you, really, but am confident in saying that your children are blessed to have you as their mother. You are a wonderful and amazing person.

    I firmly believe there is a special place in heaven for mothers who have to go it alone, and lots of extra help available from the Lord in this life. May His choicest blessings be with you and your sweet little ones right now.

  7. Hopefully this will at least mean that you can take the kids whereever you need to be to be able to best provide for them. Sorry, though. 😦

  8. Tracy, remember to endure well enough for now. One step, one breath at a time.

    I have seen how heartbreaking it is for all concerned when parental rights are revoked. It is a long, hard road – but one that CAN be traversed. I have seen miracles at work.

    May you see your own miracles, not just at the end of the road but also as you travel it!

  9. I sincerely hope that the planets will align and that the movie based-on-your-true-life-story somehow has a happy ending. It doesn’t much matter what that ending will be, just that it will be happy.

    I’m praying for you and your sweet children.

  10. I’m de-lurking for this; I’ve been following your story for a while now after linking from MMW.

    I think you’d be surprised how many moms endure similar situations during divorce, and it stinks.

    But you’re strong, and the Lord will protect your family. Just remember to let the Mama Bear in you out more often.

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