The Bright Side

  • My children are healthy and mostly happy.
  • We have a lot of people who love and support us, in many different ways.
  • I’ve decided to go back to school.
  • Even though we’re going to lose our house, we will still be okay.
  • My divorce will be final soon. Closure will be a blessing.
  • It’s been warm and rainy instead of bitter and snowy.
  • A friend brought be Chloraseptic for my throat, and it’s awesome.
  • Because my situation sucks so much, I hope to qualify for an abundance of financial aid when I figure out which school is best for me.
  • I think tomorrow I may feel well enough to actually function.
  • I finally got the laundry mountain range folded.
  • Two of my three kids can bathe without my help, and I like it.
  • A friend brought a pizza for my kids for dinner.
  • The Sunday I was sick was stake conference, so I didn’t have to find a sub.
  • The Olympics are starting soon!

13 thoughts on “The Bright Side

  1. A little bit of sunshine in the darkness. Yeah! I am so. so. proud of you for going back to school. I just might do the same when the kiddos are in school full-time. Why oh why didn’t I finish in my 20’s? When I had all the time in the world? And no kids? Closure is such a blessing, and you deserve many many more! (Blessings that is!)

  2. Good for you!
    I’m doing the school thing too, it’s terrifing. I haven’t stepped foot in a classroom as a student since june of 95. I’ve already learned so much and I don’t start school till next week. I did find out that the medium age at BSU is 34yrs. That made me feel a whole lot better. You and I aren’t the only ones in this boat. There are plenty of people at your school who are there to help, so make sure to ask.
    I know you’ll do great! What are you going to study?

  3. I am so proud of you!
    Good for you for going back to school.
    And good for you for finding the sunshine of life.
    And one more piece of sunshine…you have the gospel, you have the priesthood available…GET A BLESSING, ASAP!
    Prayers and love!

  4. I 2nd the priesthood blessing motion – both for school finding and for sore throats. This will be a big change for you, and sadly I think it will take a toll on your blogging. But it’ s also kind of exciting, good luck!

  5. Yeah for school! It is another thing (in addition to workouts) in which you proclaim to yourself “I am important!” I know going to school is probably about earning a better living, but it is also an investment in yourself. That adult time in a classroom could also do wonders.

    I also love it when my children can finally bathe themselves!

  6. I’m so excited for your bright side, and all of the blessings and gifts in your life right now. Best of luck in finding the right school.

    I LOVE having kids old enough to do most things for themselves. It’s awesome!

  7. Your children bathe?

    Seriously, if 2/3 of mine would do so, with or without assistance (but without a days-long battle), I’d be over the moon.

    Carry on!

  8. Not to add unwanted advice, but we spent two years in Seattle while my husband attended UW and the family housing situation there is great. The apartments are pretty decently sized and affordable, and not only the community but the ward is amazingly supportive. Just a thought to consider when looking at schools. Oh, and the university has a great Early Childhood program and childcare that a lot of student families use.

  9. I just want to tell you how wonderful I think you are! I remember you from the yoga class…thanks for the Ellen comparison in your blog (I LOVE her!) You shine! I know how hard things can be…I’ve been there. Know you are loved…and supported…and welcome in my yoga class ANYTIME!

    Love and Blessings!

    Kim Schneider (Ellen) 😀

    • Oh my GOODNESS Kim!! You’ve clearly been forwarded my post from the National YMCA director! I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or flattered… Thank you for commenting either way. Now that I’m moved, I plan on being in yoga again. 😉

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