A Few Ruminations on Being Sick

Cherry NyQuil is one of the most vile concoctions made by man. It is cruel to do that to a desperate sick person. The regular nasty flavor is bad, but nowhere near the level of hell that is the cherry flavor. Of course cherry was all I had. Of course.

An 8 year-old can be surprisingly tyrannical when he believes he is the boss. He can also make toast and microwave burritos and Lean Pockets meals for his minions, er, siblings.

Bathroom trash cans fill up and overflow amazingly fast when mom is down for five days. Gross.

Chloraseptic throat spray is a kind, kind thing. Swallowing felt like gargling glass and shrapnel, and the spray let me at least drink some water without, literally, crying.

Eventually your kids will get tired of cartoons. I never thought it was possible, but given enough TV time, they do eventually opt out and actually go play.

Four boxes of Kleenex is not enough for five days of sick. Again, surprise.

My mailbox only holds three days of mail, or so says the mailman when he has to knock on my door, all annoyed. Sorry dude, but I wasn’t going to leave the house in my pink thermal moose jammies.

Today was the first day I got up, cleaned up, and got dressed. I’m fooling myself, but at least I don’t look like death warmed-over. When I got up, I fixed the kids french toast and was determined to have a normal day, but breakfast was as far as I got. Then I collapsed and slept for two hours. (non-school child was safe at a friends, don’t worry)

I did run to the drugstore for normal, nasty NyQuil. The cherry is gone, and now I can justify it. Even thinking about it gives me the rolling gleets.

9 thoughts on “A Few Ruminations on Being Sick

  1. I think Alka-Seltzer cold medication out-viles Nyquil (in either flavor). All of it is shudder-worthy though. Hope that very soon you won’t need any of it.

    (I’ve been wondering all day what the “rolling gleets” are. Do tell.)

  2. Gleets are like crawly Irvingtons. You know, when you involuntarily shutter and your skin crawls? That’s a gleet. And rolling gleets are super gleets and roll up and down your back. 🙂

    Oh, and an Irvington is when you are spacing-out, and something suddenly knocks you out of your reverie and you kind of have to shake it off. You know that feeling? Irvington.

  3. Any flavor of nyquil is NASTY, and should only be used for emergencies and under duress (which I’m sure your situation totally covered). Glad you were able to at least get dressed today, that’s always when I know I’m on the mend.
    I was thinking of you today as I sat for and hour and 20 min.s at health and welfare, only to be told that I make to much money to qualify for medicade (umm I don’t work??).

  4. I absolutely agree about the Nyquil. Either flavor. I know EXACTLY what you mean by gleets. I have had them every single time I’ve taken the revolting stuff. The only thing that helps me choke it down it the thought that it will actually help me feel better once it’s in.

  5. Tracy, I love your descriptions and can totally sympathize with you right now…head, check. Throat, check. Cough, check. Can I just tell you coughing with a sore throat, the best ever!
    Hoping you (and myself) feel better soon…
    Love and prayers.

  6. Hooray for getting dressed! Glad you are on the mend, even if it’s just to fool people (including yourself) that you really *are* on the mend.

    I totally understand the kids’ bossiness and cartoon fixation. The first time my oldest voluntarily gave up cartoon time at that age, I knew miracles still happened! He also was King Boss, and my younger kids hated it. Of course, there is hope – he is now on a mission and they all miss him like crazy!

  7. Nyquil in capsule form might take a tiny bit longer to work, but it has no taste. And it makes no mess beyond a little bubble pack. I can’t get the liquid stuff down because it tastes so horrible.

    Also, glad you’re feeling better.

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