Sick of Being Sick

Day five of being flattened. This HAS to be the dreaded flu- nothing else makes sense. Without medical insurance I can’t exactly go to the doctor, and they don’t do anything anyway except tell you to stay hydrated. I am actually able to stay upright now for a few hours- earlier in the week that wasn’t even possible. Here’s hoping I’m back to normal in a day or two. I promise, posts not about my malaise are in the hopper… just as soon as my brain kicks back in. Thanks for the well-wishes.

8 thoughts on “Sick of Being Sick

  1. are you coughing? is there a wheeze in your lungs? if you keep coughing after a week you should go to the dr. it could have changed from a cold/flu to an infection (like bronchitis/pneumonia). i waited last year to visit the dr, coughed for about 2 weeks and my dr was kind of mad at me when i finally came in. she said i needed antibiotics!

  2. Ahhhh…gotta love the swine flu! Now go to the mirror and look in it and imagine all your potential customers coming up to that bright and shiny face. You can now thank me for not attending Houston…lol

  3. Being sick is the pits. When you are sick and a momma? The worst. Feel better soon! If I were there, I would bring you over a bowl of chicken noodle soup! (Or whatever kind of soup you love!)

  4. If everything else clears up except your throat, Wiz is right, it could be strep. The flu, though, is a whopper. It flattened our family but good. It took me a month to dig myself out of the kleenex mountain that accumulated by my bed, and the chaos that ensued when momma was down. Good luck, friend.

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