It’s National CHEESE DAY!

How did I MISS this? Today is National Cheese Day! It IS! And while I cannot afford to go visiting my favorite cheese monger, I can put up this luscious photograph and encourage you to go out and try some new, adventurous cheese. Pick up something you’ve never tried before. If you’re a novice or scared, check out my cheese recommendations- Cheese I and Cheese II. It’s CHEESE people! REJOICE!

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9 thoughts on “It’s National CHEESE DAY!

  1. My daughter and I were staring at the cheese case the other day discussing trying a new kind of cheese. We both agreed that it’s all your fault we’re even thinking about it. Next time we might even buy some. The time after that we could even go so far as to eat it!

  2. YAY! Thank you for enlightening me to the fact that it’s National Cheese Day… mmmm… now I feel I should go out and buy some Humboldt Fog.

  3. Thank you for alerting me to this holiday!! Good thing I have some chevre and some white stilton with cranberries in the fridge! We will be eating it tonight!

  4. Everytime we take the plunge and try a new cheese, I think of you and it brings a smile to my face. You are the reason DH and I try new ones. But I gotta tell you, the cheese counter here in Malta still overwhelms me (beyond overwhelms). I still owe you a picture…
    Happy Cheese Day to you!

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