Little House

I’m getting emails from people wanting to know what’s up and why I haven’t posted- and well… There’s a lot I need to and mean to say, but I’ve been buried in trying to get the house together. This is the only room that’s actually completely put together. My sewing/making stuff room is a close second- a pretty high priority since it’s my source of income:

My old slab farmhouse table, while it won’t fit in Little House’s tiny kitchen, is actually being repurposed as a work table, and I am loving it. I took the lion’s share of the basement for my workspace, but the kids still have plenty of room to play.

Shhhh…. I don’t want to say this too loud, but I think I may kind of like living in a smaller house. It’s much easier to keep an ear on the kids with us all closer. It’s easier to keep clean. It’s easier to keep on top of chores because I’ve had to pare down so much stuff- even laundry is easier because I cleaned out all the clothes we don’t really need. You should SEE the piles in the garage that are going to be part of the yard sale I’m throwing! Phoebe the buffet is up for grabs, patio furniture, my adirondack chairs, an antique piano, clothes, shoes, kitchen stuff, pretty sit-arounds, books, toys… it’s going to be great.

17 thoughts on “Little House

  1. It’s VERY nice! I can’t believe how unpacked you are already either!

    I had to laugh when you said that your “sewing/making stuff” room was the second one done. Mine isn’t my source of income but it would STILL be one of the first rooms put together! Priorities right? LOL

    And I use my black, country slab table as my main craft/sewing table too! I LOVE that thing.

    I’m so glad that things are calming down for your little family and that you have such a nice, clean, cozy place to winter in. Good for you.

  2. Hooray for settling in! I would LOVE to come to your garage sale if I were a little closer… Your living room looks great. I like the message on your wall: “Keep calm and carry on.”

  3. Do I dare say your writing sounds…happy!
    Yay for new places, new memories and good things to come.
    I am amazed at what you have accomplished thus far…

  4. Love it! It looks so cozy! Yay for getting things in order, there will be plenty of time for more updates when you get to the point of being done!

  5. Yeah for happy things. I love your craft/making things room, in fact I think I’m drooling over it. Good luck with all the unpacking looks like you’ve gotten a lot done already. Good for you!!!

  6. Your Little House looks sweet and cozy. And I love your “Keep Calm and Carry On” painting. You have a knack for making things beautiful.

    [I think I may be really self-centered here, but I just keep thinking how much I wish I could go to your Queen of All Garage Sales. But then again I’ve been known to dream about really good garage sales.]

  7. Now THAT’s definitely a yard sale I’d love to attend. I’m a blog stalker who rarely comments (I think I have once or twice before). Its so nice to know you’re liking your new little place. I love that you can see the sunshine coming through the clouds!

  8. I’ll take your patio furniture. Oh, wait. I live nowhere near you. Bummer.

    It looks awesome. And I hear you on the small house thing. They are easier.

    The paint looks great. Keep calm and carry on. Love it.

  9. I’ve always suspected that there’s such a thing as too much house (not to be confused with too much storage – I have yet to be convinced on that one).

    I’m so glad you are in such a good place.

  10. As someone, in her adult married life, who has never lived in anything other than a Little House, I say, Welcome!! It’s really not such a bad existence. And I don’t even have a basement!

  11. I love living in my little house. There’s just enough room for the family but not so much we lose one another. And my basement is my “work from home” space too. Little houses are great at reminding you how much stuff you really don’t need and forces you to only get those things that are truly important.

    On another note – I LOVE aderondeck chairs (though apparently can’t spell them). If you’re game, send pics to my email and if I can find the right spot might be willing to buy them off of you.

  12. You are amazing. I was nowhere near this unpacked so quickly! Your rooms look homey and comfortable.

    “Keep calm and carry on” is something I need to be reminded of this week. Thanks.

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