More Little House Vignettes

You can see how tiny my kitchen is- at least compared to before. The Craigslist table is super, and now I just need to find four chairs… as it is, I’m using the boys’ desk chair, my desk chair, a step stool and a box. Oh yeah, that’s how we roll.

I’ve also carved out a little spot in the basement for my easel. It’s not the glorious solarium I had before, but hey, it’s a spot, right? And I’m grateful for it. I’m working on a painting right now.

I like to set up little vignettes around the house. Those are baby shoes from an estate sale under the cloche, but Beanie tells everyone they’re his. Think outside the box. Showcase things with different textures and character. The artwork is a family heirloom from the first world war. While I usually subscribe to the Rule of Three, sometimes, as in the mantle shot above with my grandmother’s kindergarten picture, the terra cotta of the Nauvoo brick adds the right contrast, and I like it.

The music stand contains all my sheet music, and was a garage sale find. The giant M was on the mantle at the old house, but fits nicely here. The other picture is the opposite end of the mantle, and you can see how the terra cotta of the topiary ties in with the brick and unifies the whole thing, but not in a matchy way. No matchiness!

And finally, the top of my piano. At the old house, I had all my photos on top of Phoebe the Buffet, but since Phoebe is in the garage and soon to be garage sale fixins, I had to go to the traditional piano top. It works. It’s not my favorite, but it turned out okay.

20 thoughts on “More Little House Vignettes

  1. Your house, no matter what house it was, and all of the knick knacks would drive me absolutely batty!! and my house would make you feel like you are in a prison. I love that about our friendship 🙂

    I am so glad that you found so many places to put your things and keep what is ‘home’ all around you, love!

    • Your home has never felt like a prison to me! Turkey. This house is going to work out just fine… you can start to call again, if you want, you know, woman.

  2. Beautiful! I love all of the personal touches that makes it you, not that I personally know you, but those make it seem like I do! And I love that Beanie tells everyone the baby shoes are his!

    • Thank you. Yeah, Beanie insists, no matter how many times I’ve told him otherwise. Jeanie, we know enough of the same people, we may as well know each other!

  3. So beautiful! When you’re settled, can you come decorate my house? I’m so boring, and have such a plain Jane house! My walls are still white because I can’t decide on paint color!

    • Liz, if you want some help, just give a holler. Sometimes just a fresh eye for rearranging the things you already have is all that’s needed. Happy to be those eyes, if you want!

  4. I have to laugh a bit. You see I read you in Google reader, and so I saw the photo of the kitchen without the text and thought “Oh good! She has a big kitchen!” lol …because my kitchen is still smaller than the one in your photo! I guess it’s what we’re used to! lol Either way the place looks grand and lovely, a right perfect home! Good on you!

    • Smee, you bring up a good point. For as much as this house is half the size of my former house, it’s still quite ample for me and my children, and we are lacking for nothing. I cannot forget that we are really blessed.

  5. I realize after moving so often that the people in it, the stuff you carry from house to house, those are what make a home. It doesn’t matter the structure holding the treasures, it matters that the people within are together.
    Your new home is beautiful! You have such an eye (for everything…totally jealous!)…
    Love and prayers.

  6. Your positive attitude shows in how you are decorating your house. I think if I had been through it all I’d still be sitting in the packed boxes crying and feeding my kids McDonalds every night. You are a powerhouse, you inspire me to buck up and turn lemons into lemonade.

    Beautiful home!

  7. I LOVE how you have such a knack for what is beautiful – in your writing, your decorating, your quilts. You have an amazing gift, one I would certainly love to have been blessed with. I would hire you to help me decorate any time, too bad I live a thousand miles and a country away!!!

  8. You are making Little House YOURS. It looks wonderful! You are as amazing with decorating as you are with words.

    What I noticed immediately is the old dial phone with the long cord hanging on the wall of your kitchen. I grew up using one of those – though ours was an ugly dull mustard kind of color!

    • I got that phone off of eBay a few years ago. I was craving an actual bell-ring instead of the shrill electronic ring from the cordless phones. It works too, and that sucker is heavy!

  9. The house is looking awesome! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Next time you visit the Bay Area, please come help me with my place. I pay in cheese! (or real dollars, if that’s what floats your boat)

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