Hey Look! Random Crap!

Hey look! It’s 2:22 a.m. and I’m awake with a terrible toothache! And life is finally “normal” enough that I can roll out a RC again. Huzzah!

As if Universal Medical care weren’t appealing enough a reason to like Canada- the shots of Vancouver are just stunning enough to make me want to go ExPat for a few years. Yowza, lovely place. Plus, there’s the whole Mounty thing. Does dental care come with all the other Perfectly Nice Canadian things?

Speaking of- while I may have been making fun of Ice Dancing on Twitter, those couples just could not have been any cuter. Well most of them. I’m still confused by the Russians and their love of capes and body stockings. But whatever. Am I the only one who thought the dark-haired, owl-eyed Michigan girl is totally in Love with her Brian Krakow look-alike ice-hunk?

I may have finally found the currency that makes Abby’s bladder run: M&M’s coupled with a fear she won’t be allowed in pre-school. The girl has suddenly mastered her bladder. Yesssssssssss.

I babysat for a friend last night, and how quickly one forgets just exactly HOW much work a baby is… as well as an additional three-year old. And boy howdy, is my house not baby-proof anymore! Within the first half hour, the 3-year-old had climbed a bookcase and pulled it over on top of herself. She was fine. But dang! And the baby was practically maniacal in her desire to fling herself down my stairs.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a very scary movie if you are 6 years-old and named Bean. He was only ready to sleep once I assured him the movies was, in fact, no longer even in our house.

It looks like the worker-guys have finally figured out the leak in my roof, only to instead have my toilet go all wacky and leak down into my basement. And now, my toilet is in my bedroom, while the new subfloor cures overnight. In the morning I get a new bathroom floor, and the toilet will go back to where it belongs. (This is the toilet in the miniscule Jack + Jill powder-closet between Abby and my room- there is an actual working bathroom in the house, so I needn’t fear a small child wandering in my room and peeing in the wandering, unhooked-up toilet. Really, I shouldn’t need to worry about that at all. Nope. Not at all.)

Speaking of- Abby calls that toilet “My Secret Potty”. It also may be contributing to the mastery of the bladder.

After breaking my neck trying to get to my personal-trainer appointment (free with membership!) at the Y this (yesterday?) morning, she was out sick. I was bummed. I jumped into a step-aerobics class with the yelling chick (who is very nice, actually) but I was so off-my game I just kept getting mad because I feel like an ape not knowing the steps. Instead I found a stationary bike in a corner and turned my iPod up. Lemons? Meet my Lemonade pitcher…

My landlord came by to say hi, and then offered to go look at my old house, which is empty, and to turn off all the water lines, you know, just in case. I hadn’t even thought of that. It was very, very nice of him. I don’t like going over there. Not one bit.

Ski-jumpers are plain nuts crazy. But it sure does look fun. I love the Olympics.

My ibuprofen must be kicking in, because I think I might be able to fall back asleep now. Thank you, modern Chemists. And to all a good night. Er, morning?

12 thoughts on “Hey Look! Random Crap!

  1. Do you even feel like when it rains, it pours? Just wondering!
    Our 18 month old had surgery 2 weeks ago, adenoids removed, tubes in ears…to get pneumonia in healing. Last night our three year old went to bed fevered, and today his throat is swollen, raw, and red. Can we say another round of antibiotics in our household? I have not left the house in weeks.

    But then I read your posts and I am uplifted, reminded there are others going through the pouring rain too, and we are here to uplift and edifying one another.

    Thank you for sharing yourself with the blogging world.
    Yay for Abby being potty trained…yay for a kind landlord…yes, it is the little things that make all the difference in the world.

    Postcards are on the way to your house from Malta…just sayin!

  2. We need an up at night chat room! My sweet two year old was up 5 times in the night puking. I am praising the heavens above for my washing machine this morning. But it was funny – in one of my half-awake clean up sessions I put too much detergent in my HE washer. When the next puking happened and I tried to add the newly soiled laundry to the load I got a pile of suds on the floor. I had a good laugh with myself at 4 am. That delirious I-don’t-know-what-else-to-do-but-laugh kind of laugh.

    Abby’s conquering the potty is a tender mercy of monumental proportions! Congrats 🙂

  3. I know this is mean, but that one ice dancer chick’s eyes are way too far apart for me to be comfortable. My husband was like, “She’s like a bad Picasso!” Oh, by the way, we are horrible people.

  4. Jeremy is pretty sure that one of the ice dancers is from Avatar. Don’t know her name, but if she had painted herself blue…dead on!!

    As for Vancouver. It is absolutely gorgeous. BUT…check out the cost of real estate before you think of going MIA, you might be in for a surprise. There are quite a few families here from Canada. Why, I have no idea, but not a single one of the families I met are happy with the idea of Universal Health Coverage coming this way and say that is one of the reasons they left. However, they all left Canada to work for some big American companies out here, which most likely landed them great health insurance packages, so they obviously don’t have the same trials you do. I have learned however, bringing up Universal Health with the Candadians that I have met is a very very bad idea, because if they don’t like it, prepare to build a giant-sized soapbox!

  5. I am in Ontario. I love the provincial health care! It is different in each province though. We don’t get dental exactly, but the health unit brings hygenists to the school each year to do a check on the kids. They don’t get a cleaning, but they get checked for cavities. I believe that if they are under 16, OHP will pay for it be be filled. We used to get eye exams, but now they are only for the kids. We are on the hook for the glasses, prescriptions, etc. I love that things like flu shots are covered. I think there is more to love than to hate about Provincial Health.

    And I am horrible like Vern…some of those ice dancers are freaky looking! Most are gorgeous though.

  6. I love these little tidbits from your life.

    That’s too bad Bean doesn’t like the Meatball movie! David and I quote it all the time! Oh, and my 15 year old brother with whom I’ve seen it about 3 times with (once without small children). Yeah, it’s a hit! I could see that if some one thought it could really rain food it would be scary though!

    Your post with the BYU lacrosse player is gone! I love the painting! I’m always amazed with your skills!

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