Joyful Malaise

So then follow the migraine up with a root-canal! Hooray!

(Okay, really, I’m super glad to have my teeth fixed- they were bothering me for a long time. I just couldn’t figure out why I felt so poopy and sluggish today, until I thought: Oh yeah- I had a migraine yesterday, and then a root canal today. No wonder I feel off… File that under Duh.)

7 thoughts on “Joyful Malaise

  1. I have an embarassing amount of “duh” moments when I try to figure out why I’m feeling less-than-stellar most of the time. I’m glad your teeth are resolved, right?

  2. Well, what jumped out at me right away was the use of the word “joyful.” While you may have intended that to be full of irony, the fact that you are recognizing the reasons for how you feel and looking for some small amount of good in your week so far is (IMO) a fabulous thing! Hope you are feeling better soon.

    (And hooray for dental work being done that has been a long time in coming!)

  3. On my way to have a root canal finished today. It’s my first one, and apparently my dentist likes to break it up over a week. What a fun day.

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