Portrait of a Boy

How I love this child. How I treasure his unrestrained spirit, and the joy he brings. As he gains the ability and skills to express himself and find his own happiness, his world opens up and he shares himself- with unfettered joy.

This is also one of the countless faces of Autism. This is what a happy healthy boy looks like, and it’s exactly how invisible Autism can be. So when you inevitably see and come to know (1 in 110) a person who acts and perhaps processes things in a way you find different- be kind. Cease judgement. Pause and think before you speak. Smile at the child, but don’t take it personally if he doesn’t look at you, or smile back. He might. He might not. But I promise he hears your comments- so make them good ones.

9 thoughts on “Portrait of a Boy

  1. As a former (in another life) SpEd teacher, I have a special place in my heart for kids…
    They have a way of wiggling into your heart and your arms. I love that!
    He is beautiful!

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