If you only knew how many abysmal and lame posts I’ve started and trashed, and all I can think of is if I bite the inside of my !&*%$#! cheek ONE MORE TIME I am going to SCREAM! That’s how I am. How are you?

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  1. Ugh – sorry.
    If the cheek-biting is literal, see if you can find teething tablets. They help when I have that problem, and when I get cankers inside my mouth.

  2. When I have the bite-swell-bite thing going on, I suck on ice cube chunks on that side. It reduces the swelling and keeps it away from my teeth. And I chew food on the other side.

    The next time you get dental work, ask the dentist what it would cost to get the sharp edges ground down on your molars. My new crowns (three!) are much smoother on the outer edge than my original teeeth were. It makes such a big, good difference!

  3. Was wondering where you were. Just glad you haven’t fallen into the abyss.

    Put salt on cankers, hurts like hell, but then it goes away.

    I am wondering why the whole world hates Avatar when my son wants an Avatar birthday. It was going to be the year I actually sprang for the character plates, napkins, the works. But I can’t find any. Blue will work.

  4. In the pediatric ICU with my daughter (16 months) who was just diagnosed with (another) rare and deadly disease. But I’m doing much better than Monday morning when she had a cardiac arrest in my arms. Thanks for asking.

    Oh, and Orajel is amazing. It totally numbs everything. Of course, you may not want it numb because you may just keep biting it.

  5. Kids sick again…and yet, perspective is what I keep learning over and over. Keep perspective.
    Emily, continued prayers.
    Tracy…quit biting your cheek! 🙂 Hope you are doing well!

  6. Wow, yesterday was a bad day for a lot of people! Add me to the list.

    But at least my problems were not huge in the grand scheme of things, just annoying at the time. And I could walk away from them and pretend they didn’t exist for a while.

    Continued prayers for you, Tracy – and also prayers for you and your daughter, Emily.


  7. I didn’t mean to threadjack. But thank you for your prayers. I do appreciate them. The doctors are optimistic this morning and think she’s going to make it. The chemo seems to be helping.

    Tracy, you and your family have been in our prayers through your trials.

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