Waassa Happenin’ Hot Stuff?

That John Hughes tribute on the Oscars made me feel old. I grew up to John Hughes films and they are still cultural milestones for most people near my age. I mean, tell me didn’t think of The Donger hanging from the tree outside Jake Ryan’s trashed house when you read that title. I thought so. Hold on a minute while I sigh and think of Jake Ryan…

Molly Ringwald gave me hope as a teenager. She was kind of dorky and while pretty, wasn’t the leggy Malibu Barbie pretty of  the 80’s. She was awkward and had fuzzy hair like me, and she geeked out around boys she liked.  I never got that perfect kiss over my 16th birthday cake, but I did have hope that maybe, someday, some boy I found dreamy would actually notice me. Because if Jake Ryan could like Molly, maybe some cute boy could like me too.

Eventually it happened, the boy noticed me. I got the kiss. Then career, dating, fun, travel, marriage, babies… and the tiny beginning of crow’s feet. And now divorce. And I’m back in the dating boat and I don’t have a clue what to do.

I wish John Hughes could make a move to give me some hope now. I need to see what Molly Ringwald and Jake Ryan are up to now.  Ferris Bueller married Carrie Bradshaw, and The Dork is a bigger hunk than Judd Nelson. And the storyteller is gone. Maybe I’ll go pop in The Breakfast Club.

I have a feeling they’re a lot like me and you…

21 thoughts on “Waassa Happenin’ Hot Stuff?

  1. Wait, Ducky didn’t marry Carrie Bradshaw. Ferris did. I always thought they looked a lot alike, though, and the first time I watched Pretty in Pink I thought it was him the whole time.

    *sigh* Jake Ryan. And your title made me laugh.

    I like this. That last scene of Sixteen Candles was always one of my favorites. I loved those things about Molly Ringwald, too.

  2. There’s boobs in 16 candles. Some how i always managed to catch that 2 second scene. ohhh knock knock. who’s there? who. Who who? Fred there’s an owl in the hallway.

  3. Funny I was thinking the same thing – Ducky has been married a few times but not to Carrie Bradshaw (I always think of her as Janey Glenn!) since she married Ferris Buehler, although still funny. That tribute did make me feel older and reminded me of how much those movies affected me growing up. I am sure I have seen Pretty in Pink 100+ times and Breakfast Club is right up there too. They were the voice of a generation and totally showed what we all felt! I used to die everytime Blaine said: You said you couldn’t be with someone who didn’t believe in you. Well I believed in you. I just didn’t believe in me. I love you … always Ahhhhh, the memories!

  4. Jake Ryan turns 50??! Okay, but I bet he’s a George Clooney 50… and well, I think I would still go on a date with him. He’s only 12 years older than me, right?? Omg! He’s ONLY 12 years older than me and he turns 50…

    *having a minor freakout moment*

  5. He was also in that Disney (I think?) movie about a girl who rides diving horses. I bet you’re right, Tracy. I can see him being a George Clooney 50, though I still can’t believe he’s that old.

  6. I just googled him, and he retired from acting and own a woodworking shop in New England. He’s married and has two teenage kids. He’s AIDEN!

  7. I love how John Hughes always tied up his movies with a “happily ever after” for everyone. Ducky wasn’t left in the cold… some hot girl was winking at him before the credits even rolled. Same deal for everyone in “The Breakfast Club.” Let’s hope there truly is a “happily ever after” for everyone… even those who are dating a decade or two after their 16th birthdays.

    “Pretty in Pink” was definitely my favorite. Wow, Blaine was handsome and charming in that movie!

  8. I think my favortie character in 16 candles is Joan Cusack, I love her in that brace. And WOW Jake Ryan is 50!!! It seems like just yesterday I was watching those movies for the 1st time.

  9. So new movies for you: Sleepless in Seattle? Not that new Meryl Streep movie Complicated. 🙂 The Holiday (you can relate to / dream of your own Jude Law). Under the Tuscan Sun?

  10. I’ve seen The Holiday and liked it. I love Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail is my favorite chick-flick. I need to see Julie and Julia, and I need to see Under the Tuscan Sun.

    Any other recommendations?

  11. Harold and Maude? Not to imply you’re old! She’s just such a free spirit, so life-embracing. If you haven’t seen it I think you’d love it.

  12. I think my favorite John Hughes movie is Some Kind of Wonderful, but he just wrote it, he didn’t direct, too, like the other ones.

    I always enjoy While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock.

    I should have watched Julie & Julia last night instead of Couples Retreat. Ugg, was that a bad movie!

  13. The Proposal was cute…even DH laughed!
    And I second Julie and Julia.

    In fact, off to watch a movie right now while the kiddies lumber on our floor for a sleep over (imagine choosing the cold, tiled Maltese floors over a bed. I am old!)…now to decide which one…

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