Best Laid Plans

The last two day have frustrated my plans to get to the gym, and I was feeling crummy and morose. This morning, determined, I got dressed immediately in my workout clothes, and rassled up the kids to get ready. I fixes a real breakfast and not just toast, I ate my Lara Bar and a diet Dr. Pepper (I know, I know) and got Jeffrey out the door to school.

As I returned some phone calls and answered some emails, the phone rang. It was Jeffrey’s teacher telling me Jeffrey forgot his homework, and he really needed it for a project. Okay, I can get it there- it means I may be late for Zumba, but I can hit the eliptical instead. Get everyone in the car, and drop the homework off at the elementary.

Then I end up talking to the principal about the plan for Bean next year. This a good thing, but wasn’t part of my schedule.

We finally make it to the gym, and there is a sign on the childcare center. Full. They are not accepting any more kids right now. I am not accepting this, and wait for someone to pick up their two kids, and jump like a vulture on the poor girl and squeeze Bean and Abby in. Got a spot. I went to the locker room, threw my stuff in my locker and ran up to the yoga room. I love my yoga teacher, and I’ve missed Zumba completely.

Aaaaand my teacher has been replaced. I’m sure she is a lovely teacher, but I am used to and really love Kim, who sounds like Ellen Degeneres, and has a cadence to her voice that soothes me. Kim is in the class, but not teaching anymore. Crap. Oh well, I’m here and I’m getting my mat and I am GOING to get a work out.

The new teacher spends some time introducing herself and doing a warm up. I am just finishing the spine flexes when the day care lady taps on my shoulder. Abby has wet her pants and they cannot keep her in daycare with pee on her. Of course.

Life: 6 / Mama: 0

I flop down and pull my shoes and socks back on. I give up. I’ll try again tomorrow. Some days, I swear…

5 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Sometimes I just don’t want to verbalize (or even write) my plans, because just that…they become best laid plans. Life! Ugh!
    For all intentions, sometimes all I get done in a day is getting the kids to school and holding my baby. I love that, but for days I have grand plans of work, it is quite frustrating.
    Hoping tomorrow you get a workout in and some “me time!”
    Lots of love and prayers!

  2. That was my Wednesday….just dreadful! To make it all better, I went to pour myself a nice huge Epcot-center sized glass of wine and then the missionaries show up. God’s sense of humor was not lost on me and I ended up laughing about it and had a great night, but man the day was intense!

    Try again 🙂 (and be grateful it wasn’t you who wet your pants in Yoga which these days for me, is definitely possible!)

  3. These are the days that make motherhood anguish- long, drawn out, languishing, brain killing, body rotting anguish. That’s not positive or helpful though is it?

    There’s always tomorrow.

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