Spelling Bee

This was taken at the old house, during a rousing game of Scrabble right before we moved. The theme has been carried over to Little House, and we play spelling games almost constantly. Scrabble is still a favorite, but Banangrams is quickly overtaking it. Abby is the biggest proponent of spelling, and constantly asks me to narrate her life and give her words. I understand, chickadee, I truly do.  I find papers all over with her writing on them- sometimes she actually writes something that is a real word.

When I was little I would fill page after page with little squiggles, pretending I was writing. I loved the written word, and before I could write in cursive, I made up my own squiggles. I also had library cards in all the books in my room, and played library with my dog- after I dressed him in my clothes. What can I say? I was an only-child until I was seven. I also gave ‘birth’ to volleyballs in the front yard too, but that’s another story for another day.

Which is a long way of telling you I have been asked to contribute to an anthology. A real, honest to goodness book. A. Real. Book. Me. Now, it’s not a for-sure thing yet, and I still have to pass the editorial process and the actual editing itself- but still! Yay! When it’s more real than just a possibility, I’ll absolutely share more. But for now- I’ll just leave you with this awesome illustration to tied you over. I may also have another artist on my hands. I’m so proud of him!

11 thoughts on “Spelling Bee

  1. That’s fantastic, Tracy! What an exciting thing! Good luck! I used to fill pages and pages with squiggles, too, because I want to learn cursive so badly. Now I almost always print. Go figure.

  2. My daughter does the same. She loves to have me spell words for her, and I’m always finding sheets of squiggly lines. She also loves to make up songs, so some of the sqiggly lines are her songs. Can’t wait to hear more about the book. Good job!!!

  3. I remember being obsessed with my handwriting in about 6th grade. It bugged me that it didn’t flow smoothly and it looked jerky, and finally as an adult my handwriting works and people tell me it’s beautiful. Too bad there’s no money in that.

    Also, that adorable redheaded kid is totally a visual communicator.

    Anthologies fit in quite nicely with my broken attention span.

  4. Ok, your son Bean and my son Jordan are like clones of each other. So much so, that sometimes I’m like “How did she get Jordan’s picture?” Then I’m back to reality. Freaky! He’s my only redhead though. All the others are blondies. Love your blog!

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