Half days at school for the next 6 school days, double carpool, then spring break. Parent-teacher conferences today and on Monday. School play tonight. Pinewood Derby. Getting the car worked on by some awesome friends. Normal chores like laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping. Teaching Sunday school. Getting to social security office to get my name changed so I can fix my grant applications to match what SS says. Changing over all the bills, cards, utilities, banks and school information to new name, and chasing down all the paperwork to make that happen. All the paperwork is at the old house still, in the filing cabinet in the garage. Potty training one little girl at the same time. Post office. IEP meeting. A birthday party at the Rat. Editing some writing. Working on a website. Taxes need to be done. The house needs to be listed… And on and on it goes…

I’ll be back soon.

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