My Boy Can Read

So I sent Jeffrey out to get the mail. Yeah. Along with my Martha Stewart magazine, which he skipped right over in the “fascinating” department, this little gem was in my mailbox. From whence it came, I have no idea- my guess would be the previous renter. He walks in the house, and he’s kind of giggling and his face is red as he holds out the mail to me.

“Mom?” *giggle giggle* “That magazine says 50 Things to do Butt Naked! ” Sigh… And then: “Mom, what’s a G-spot?” Oh crap. Thanks Cosmo. We’ll be having a little chat tonight, to be sure. He already knows how babies are made, but a face-to-face with Cosmo is not what I had in mind for further light and knowledge.

Jeffrey won’t be getting the mail anytime soon.

19 thoughts on “My Boy Can Read

  1. Oh yeah, on the G-Spot thing, let him know that’s a question for his wife, you say the wrong thing and you will have instantly secured the worst mother in law ever title!!!

  2. Oh. My. Heavens. I am really trying not to laugh. I know if I laugh then my kids will be next to find something interesting AND NOT MINE in the mailbox. I have a hard enough time trying to hide those mags from my kids in the check out lines. Do you realize why they put those magazine and candy in checkout lines? So well distract our kids from seeing the mags by plying said children with chocolate, skittles, and gum.

  3. I know!! Here in Washington, the Cosmo and other glamour magazines have to have black plexiglass shields in front of them at the checkstands. I couldn’t care less if a grown-up wants to read Cosmo, but my 8 year old doesn’t really need to be asking what a G-Spot is… Egad!

    And yeah Brooke- he forgot and I’m not bringing it up again!

    Lisa, I read it last night- they suggest things like housecleaning naked, watching movies, washing the car, and even slip-n-slide in the backyard. Y’all better have some really understanding neighbors, because I don’t know where those folks live, but that wouldn’t fly around here!

  4. Slip-n-slide naked, OUCH!!!! And I knew a women who swore by cleaning her house naked, I just took her word for it and left it at that.

    • OMG- it was like something in a naughty novel! All about oral sex… more than I ever thought I knew. Only I guess with all the other crap they CAN put on the cover, talking about oral sex in the grocery check-out line is still (mercifully) taboo.

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