Random Crap: March Wrap-Up

Beanie worked hard today, and for the first time, managed to climb 30 feet up the rock wall at the Y and ring the brass bell at the top. He harnessed himself up, and despite having only his Ugg boots for shoes, he still did it. He did so well, the woman managing the repel rope offered him a pair of climbing shoes, and he made it up a second time. He says his legs hurt but he really liked doing it, and seeing him accomplish a goal he wanted made me tear up.

All three kids are signed up for swim lessons, and Jeffrey wants to take a kick-boxing class. That might be more is strength than rock-climbing. He’s more of a bison, not a mountain goat. It’s fun finding fitness-y things they each like to do. Abby can’t wait to try the kids climbing wall when she turns four next month.

We had our first sleepover last night, and the giggles and gross jokes were over the top. I really like Jeffrey’s best bud, and they had a ball. Overall, a successful evening.

Why do people wear perfume to the gym?

When I got home from the grocery store last night, my home teacher was here with a landscaper in our ward, and they were installing sprinklers in my yard. The kids are overjoyed, and Little House is shaping up to be a place of much happiness.

When I opened the mailbox last night, there was a thick, creamy envelope with crimson writing… I slipped my finger under the flap and pulled out the heavy paper. “On behalf of the staff and faculty at Anonymous* University, we would like to congratulate you on your acceptance…” Oh yes. YES. I exhaled with great joy, not even aware I had been holding my breath. I got in. I did it. This is really happening. Yes.

I took all three kids to the dentist yesterday. This is the first time in 3 years that we’ve seen a dentist, and I knew it was going to be bad. It wasn’t horrendous, and while Beanie is going to have to have some serious work done, this dentist inspired confidence in how he dealt with him, and I feel okay about the proposed treatments. Sealants are our friend from here on out.

I’ve got full-on flowers in my front yard. Tulips and Hyacinth and my roses are greening out. Crazy! It’s still March!

Clues I May Be Doing Okay as a Mom: Sunday at church, Bean and Abby had made a big mess with crayons and paper during Sacrament meeting. Usually Jeff just grabs Abby and walks her to class, Beanie runs off to find his class, and I clean up the fallout of keeping three kids quiet for an hour. This Sunday, Jeff lagged behind. I asked if he was going to take Abby, and he said “Yeah, I will, but I’m not leaving you to clean up all this mess Mom.” As he gathered crayons and paper from the pew. Oh my child. My darling son- you have no idea what that did to this mama’s heart.

24 thoughts on “Random Crap: March Wrap-Up

  1. Oh Tracy, you have so much to be happy about! Hooray for you and your family. You make me think that I can do it!

  2. Tracy, you have so much to be proud of! I love thinking of you as the queen of your happy little domain. Congratulations for rebuilding your life in so many good ways.

  3. Congratulations on being accepted! And it’s such a happy day when your kids start to look outside of themselves and see that you need help. How sweet!

  4. What sweet moments with your kids! Congrats on the acceptance! Woohoo! Sealants are awesome. I’ve had them on all my permanent teeth and it’s saved me a lot of pain.

  5. You mean my kids may someday NOTICE the carnage they leave behind and CARE about it?! What a miracle!

    (And sealants would have saved Sir O some major grief but most insurances won’t cover them on baby teeth, so he’s out of luck… the rest of my kids will get them anyway, having access to free dental care (come July) and all….)

    • It only took 8 1/2 years for me, Em! Hold onto the hope! 🙂

      And YAY for free dental care… So glad you guys are almost through.

  6. You know, college might seriously cut into the Y time. That could be a bummer, you know. Maybe you should just not go.

    You deserve all this goodness and more.

    (Used a different email to get a different monster).

  7. Congrats! There’s a different, calmer, slower tone to your posts the last while that is so peaceful.

    I hope Wiz is wrong about school and the Y.

    But she did inspire me to put in a different email. My purple monster was starting to feel a bit confining.

  8. Congrats! I’m so glad you are feeling so much peace. And happiness. You deserve it all! I want to try a different email now to see what new monster I get. Yes, I’m bored right now!

  9. OOooohhh good meaty stuff. Congrats on getting into school, it’s the cosmos shoving you forward into greatness!

    Thanks for sharing all your goodness with me. I may survive on your highs today, I’m not finding many of my own. 😦

  10. Tracy! Congratulations on being accepted! I love that you take time to write about the seemingly small things that I pass unnoticed everyday. I think today you have inspired me to look for the small blessings and write about those. Because it’s those small victories/memories that turn our hearts inward and upward. Thank you for sharing your tender mercies!

  11. Your optimism is contagious! I’m so happy that you are experiencing so many great things. Congrats on the college acceptance and on the beginning of true help and Mom acknowledgement from your kids!

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