Sugar Sugar SUGAR!!! Or, Happy Easter Weekend!

It started out simply enough- let’s color some eggs! But oh, how Paaz has sunk over the years. It seems when I was a kid you got six tablets of insipid color, and now you are reduced to only three, and what was once insipid is now barely colored water. I mean come on, that’s PINK?? Back to Pysanky next year, but that’s a tangent- anyone want to learn how to do Ukranian eggs? Maybe I’ll do a turorial. They’re fun!

After we colored eggs, we had to run to Ace Hardware, and made a pitstop in picking up a new toilet seat to stick the plungers to the smooth floor and laugh upROARiously at the loud POP they would make when you peeled them up. Because honestly, what’s funnier than a toilet plunger? And they can’t play with the one at home. We laughed till our bellies hurt.

Then we topped off the night with The Ten Commandments, which Bean lasted about an hour before he crashed, and Jeffrey lasted until the 40 years in the desert. Not many people lasted through the desert, so he’s in good company. My children will now forever think Yul Brenner is what the Egyptians looked like. Gotta love old Hollywood.

The Easter Bunny forgot to come last night, so exhausted was she by Moses and wandering in the desert- thankfully Abby woke up needing to pee (hallelujah!) about 1 a.m. and the Easter Bunny stumbled to the garage to find the baskets and throw some eggs around the living room before she crashed again. The bar is low, my friends.

The Easter Bunny brought everyone swim-goggles for our swim lessons that start next week! Hooray! Abby is especially rockin’ the look, matching with her chocolate bunny face and wearing Bean’s jammies. You wish you were so cool.

They’re all in the tub right now, between Conference Sessions, and we’re expecting Mo’s family later for dinner. We’re having cold cereal and candy for dinner. Why ruin the day now? Have a blessed Easter.

7 thoughts on “Sugar Sugar SUGAR!!! Or, Happy Easter Weekend!

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I don’t know what you bought – our paas had 12, yes, TWELVE colors. I was quite surprised. (only one box, too.) We dyed eggs this morning, on the outside table – the weather could not be more perfect.

    My oldest desperately asked if we could tape conference and watch it later so we could do the whole egg thing right now.

    My son declared that there was too much chocolate.

  2. We are dealing with sugar-induced mania, too. Our Paas also had 12 colors in it, but yeah, it does seem that the colors are muted from when I was a kid.

    Wiz, tell your son there can NEVER be too much chocolate!! 🙂

  3. That last part was a lie, she didn’t let us have cereal and candy for dinner. That was the only reason we came over too! *frownie face*

  4. I’m thinking I should take my family to the hardware store and play with the plungers! I need more of the simple things that can induce laughter like that! Oh, and I love the picture if all the kids sporting swim goggles- *classic*!

  5. When I was a kid we never got the coloring kits. My parents just used hot water, vinegar and food coloring. For years I thought that only rich kids got the egg coloring kit. Then I found out that was just how my mom always colored eggs, so that’s how we did it. And after trying the kits, I think maybe my parents knew what they were doing.

  6. Toilet plungers are THE BEST! I’m amazed, too, at how consistently you can find things to do that appeal to all three of your kids, despite their age range and individualities.

    The hot water-vinegar-food coloring of Easter eggs is also the best, IMO. We grew up thinking that only poor kids whose mothers didn’t know how to do it right had to buy those wienie store kits. When I was small I always referred to anything with vinegar as smelling like Easter egg dye — that’s how brainwashed I was!

    The way Abby’s hair is whipping around in that first picture gives me some idea of the perpetual motion machines your kids must be when they’re hopped up on sugar. It’s fun to see them so happy.

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