Letter Pancakes

You wanna know the secret to getting your picky eater to scarf his whole-wheat flax pancakes? Put the batter in a squeezie bottle (from the cake decorating aisle at the craft store) and spell his name. You would be AMAZED at what a kid will eat when it’s made of their name. Just remember to spell it backwards. Jeffrey’s looked pretty funny since it was the first one I did. That’s your tip for the day, from an otherwise totally overwhelmed and complete slacker blogger.

8 thoughts on “Letter Pancakes

  1. Uhm, this may just be my brain on exhausted mode, but why do you need to spell them backwards? And I love the idea – thanks!

  2. The first side of the pancake is always the smoothest and has the best color- and if you want that side up, you have to spell them backwards. šŸ™‚

  3. De-lurking to say my wonderful grandmother did this for me all the time growing up. I still remember those times fondly. My mom is now doing this for my nieces and nephews. The tradition lives on! šŸ™‚

  4. Love it Tracy! Your kids are lucky to have you…just remember that!

    (and I am tired of the rain and cold too…heading back to Malta Friday!)

  5. I make pancakes a lot, cuz they’re cheap and fast. I’m gonna try this! Looks really fun. Think of all the things you could make besides just letters…

  6. Awesome letters! But is it weird that the very next thing I noticed was the bacon cooked to a perfect crispiness?! Now I’m going to be craving bacon all day…

  7. I made these yesterday morning for my kids. They totally thought I rocked. For at least three hours before I made them come inside and clean their rooms.

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