Making Stuff: Banners

Abby turns four (I KNOW!) next Sunday, and I worked on this today, with the help of Mo and her new magical cutting machine. I’ve made these banners many times before, but this is the first time I’ve appliquéd letters on them. You can actually see the Valentine one still hanging out above the Happy Birthday Abby banner I just made.

(oh my would ya look at my lamp- Bean likes beads.)

Just cut out a bunch of triangles from scrap fabric, stitch the two long sides, flip, press, and sew them to a 4 yard package of double-fold bias tape. That simple. The letters, while a little bit more work, are completely worth it. Mo just used her new Cricut machine thingy, and I like the slightly ragged edges. No adhesive, no wonder-under- just raw edges. I sewed roughly around each letter, and that, my friends, was that.

(If you don’t have a Mo who will cut your letters, just cut them by hand- that was my plan until she flew in with her magic machine and fluttering cape.)

9 thoughts on “Making Stuff: Banners

  1. I LOVE IT!!!! I would never have thought to make those from fabric, I’m so going to have to try that. You are such a good mom!!

  2. 1. I have an apron in that H fabric.
    2. Beads aside, I can’t believe Bean (or someone) doesn’t whack the banner and knock the whole lamp over.
    3. My baby turns 4 next week too.
    4. Love your banners. Making them is #793 on my list.

  3. I have a newbie sewer question (and it’s only from my recent experience making J’s cape that I have any idea what bias tape is). How would a dopey gal like me cut out letters by hand? Are there fabric letter stencils, or should I just pick a font I like, print them out on paper, and make a stencil-ish thingie like that?

    And I’d like to ask what applique is, but I’m thinking that may merit a phone call :). (And despite everything, you KNOW you’ll be on the phone with me all night when I try to make this for Little Sister’s birthday next month, right? :))

  4. Or you could just let me make Little Sister one and send it to you, H. 🙂

    (but yes, to make them by hand, pick a font that’s simple, and tape it to a window, then trace the letters on your fabric. It’s easy- I’ve done it plenty of times.)

  5. Oh my heavens, I NEED one of these! But I am at a Big Anonymous University, slogging my way thru classes for at least three more weeks until summer break……which I will spend the entirety studying for the GRE. That really is too cute for words and would be darling for The Love Magnet’s Birthday. I have no Mo. Must find a Mo.

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