Natural Born Writer

It’s after church and I’m busy making lunch for everyone, and Abby is sitting at the table with her box of crayons- which is her constant companion of late. Her birthday is next week, and she was given a new notebook from her teacher, with a pretty flower pencil. She’s was tickled pink, and told me “I’m going to write in my journal, Mama.” Okay, knock yourself out, babe, lunch will be ready in a few minutes.

While I was cooking, she kept asking me about letter sounds- “Mama, what letters says kuh-kuh-kuh?” and I would idly answer as I poured more milk and checked the oven. When I called the boys for lunch, and went to clear the table, this is what I saw:

Sure enough, she’d begun her journal. I didn’t move a thing to take this photo- let’s take a closer look:

Okay, my daughter will be FOUR next week. Am I wrong to be dumbfounded? I mean, I don’t go around yelping about my kids being smart- they’re regular kids- but does this seem a little… uh… um…  insanely cool to anyone else??

Then I see her, the sweet little girl with pizza all over her face and her white sundress. She has no idea what cool even means- and I hope to keep it that way for a long time. She told me she wants to write and draw. I’d say she’s well on her way. *pitter-patter goes my heart*

24 thoughts on “Natural Born Writer

  1. That is INSANELY cool! I know for certain that my almost-4-year-old does not possess those same mad skills, and I am impressed with her grasp of the diphthongs. Go Abby!

  2. You don’t have to keep her from learning what’s cool…*she* is cool. 😉 Pretty awesome though, by the way. That IS unusually awesome.

  3. Uh, yeah, hi! I’d say that gets an insanely freaking awesome! What a smart girl! I’m impressed when my almost four year old can recognize the M on the McDonald’s sign. She’s nowhere near sounding out and writing words. Definitely a natural born writer.

  4. Wow! Natural born writer for sure. And the spelling…um, did she have help with the spelling? This is cool either way, but if she spelled all those on her own, that’s freaky cool.

  5. OK, I’m totally depressed. My 4 yr old won’t even try to form letters. He can spell aloud and reads his name and his siblings, but writing, forget about it.

  6. What an awesome thing!
    Enjoy the sweetness of such passion.
    Isn’t it amazing how different each kid is?????

    Melissa Mac- don’t worry. My fourth child wouldn’t read until 2nd grade and now he is 14 and has a healthy love for reading. His younger sister? Taught herself to read at not quite 4.

    I love the differences in children… and I love to see what they will do.
    I love the differences between boys and girls…. and celebrate them both.


  7. ….forgot to mention that my son wouldn’t write until 2nd grade either.
    Don’t give up. It will come… 🙂

  8. What a smart child!! That is really cool. Just got back from trip, could you call me or give me your phone number? I have someone who may be interested in your house! Thanks. Dianne

  9. It doesn’t take my reading specialist credentials to see Abby has a gift!! And you should feel free to brag about it often. How exciting!

  10. What a little sweetheart! My 4 1/2 year old can’t even write any letters, let alone what she did. She is amazing!

  11. That is awesome! Not just that she’s writing random words, but she’s connecting thoughts to the words, she’s writing about her picture, which is probably based on what she’s seeing outside. The turning of those mental wheels making all those connections is so cool. And in 4 short years!

  12. Agreed. My 4&1/2 year old is in the same boat as Melissa’s and I think he’s doing just fine. If Abby is already at THIS point? Well, prepare yourself. She’s going to be smarter than you before she thinks she’s smarter than you. =)

  13. WOW! Yes, this is AMAZING!!! My 4.5 year old boy is just working on writing letters. Some times you can tell which letter it actually is.

    No way he’s even thought about making a word besides his name…


  14. Um, yeah, that’s amazing. J has been identified as a “gifted” child, and NO WAY was he writing words like that—both spelling and having fine motor skills necessary to write them so clearly–at age 4. We were lucky if he could get his name right. Also, Abby definitely has better penmanship than J, and he’s 8 now. So strap yourself in, Mamma–you’re going on a TOTALLY different ride with this girl 🙂

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