Guest Post: Jeffrey and the Time Travel Watch

Author’s Note: Hi, my name is Jeffrey M. and I am 8 years old. This is my fifth attempt at writing fiction During my stories I want people to have fun on my adventures with me. And I also want people to infer about my story so it’s more exciting.

Walking down the sidewalk coming home from school, I saw a package on my doorstep. It said my name on the box. I took it into my room and opened it. Inside was an old rusty watch. I turned it over in my hand and on the back was a strange symbol. I immediately went to the library to see if I could find the strange symbol in a book.

I put the watch on my wrist on the way to the library. At the library, I asked the librarian for help, but we couldn’t find a book with the strange symbol. I rubbed the symbol with my wrist and I was suddenly dizzy, and when I looked around the library, everyone was stopped in motion, and time was still. I was not scared, because I knew something was fishy.

I fell face-first onto the floor, and time started moving again. When I woke up everything looked different. The watch had given me the ability to travel through time. I looked around and I felt different. The air was dim and the carpet was damp, and nothing looked familiar- except it was still a library. I tried rubbing the watch again, but nothing happened. People were standing around, but they were just staring at me. I think it was because of my “strange” clothes. I asked the librarian what year it was- I knew I was either in the past or the future, but I wasn’t sure which. I asked the librarian what year it was, and he said “It’s January 30th, 1849.”

I was horrified.

I went to the old books collection, which was actually the new books in 1849, and I found a spell-book. In the spell-book I looked up future and there was a picture of the exact same watch that was on my wrist at that very moment. The magic words to return to the future were: zing zang boom crackle crackle coomb.

I said the words, and again fell face-first on the floor. And time travelled back to the future of April 20th, 2010. As soon as I got home, I wrote the magic words down on a folded piece of paper. My mom was making my favorite macaroni and cheese, and had not noticed I was gone time-traveling. After my first adventure with the watch I never had to fall face-first again, and I had a lot more adventures and a lot more fun.


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  1. Wow! You are an incredibly good writer. I’d love to read some more of your time traveling adventures.

    • This is a GREAT story! I’d love to hear more time traveling adventures!! I really liked the part about the the old book collection being the new book collection in 1849. Genius!!

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