Happy Birthday, Young Jedi

If you’re driving around tomorrow and see Darth Vader riding a glittery, hot pink Princess bicycle, give a honk and a wave. It’s my my daughter, out enjoying being four. Happy Birthday, Abby dear- your mama loves you more than she has words- and that’s saying something.

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Young Jedi

  1. Love the pictures, what a darling little girl Abby is. I can’t believe that she is 4 already. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that I was reading your posts about you being pregnant with her.
    HAPPY BIRTHDYA ABBY!!! Hope that 4 is a great number for you!!

  2. My 6 year old son: “Who’s that?”
    Me : “Abby.”
    Son: “I didn’t know girls liked Star Wars.”

    Happy Birthday, Abby, and thank you for expanding my son’s mind!

  3. Happy birthday!

    I have a photo of my daughter outside riding her bike in a Superman costume when she was about 6. (It was actually her brother’s old pajamas, but it had a cape and everything.) One of my favorite pictures of her.

  4. Fantastic costume! You really are an over-achiever, aren’t you? BTW, I just subscribed to your blog and really enjoy your writing. I find myself relating so much and giggling, which helps me to keep some levity about it all. Thank you for sharing your gift…

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