It’s Like Crack for Foodies

My dear friend told me about his site, and I have done nothing for hours now but look, and drool. If you like food (I mean really!) and you like to cook (uh-huh) or just like pretty things (it’s food porn, seriously) you MUST go to And EVERY SINGLE one of the HUNDREDS of pages of foodie photos links to a recipe to make the divinity featured. Oh mercy… Help me now!

11 thoughts on “It’s Like Crack for Foodies

  1. This is the reason I could only go sugar-free for 12 days!! Thank the heavens above for wonderful, gorgeous food! Thanks to you for this link 🙂

  2. I love this website! I had a neighbor turn me on to it. Little did I know it was so that I would experiment and she would reap the rewards, but hey, she’s smart…it has worked!

    By the way, I have an Indian neighbor who has been showing me some small things, mainly because she saw my interne/googled recipes and was apalled. Are you in need of any authentic recipes? Let me know and I will ask!

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