Dance with Them

Hey everyone, guess what? It’s been a banner week ’round these parts, and it’s only Wednesday. First, I broke through an exercise plateau, then I became a University student with a full course-load, and then this morning, I received the publicity tear for a book of essays in which I am a contributing essayist. Yup, folks- my first real, bound, printed, and for-sale book.

Jacket liner-notes:

When it comes to mothering school-age children—biological kids, step kids, or even the kids next door, with or without a partnering spouse—one of the biggest challenges is maintaining connection and balance during nearly constant flux. Each day we negotiate matters of independence, control, tolerance, closeness, expectations, safety, trust, acceptance, boundaries, conflict, and, perhaps most of all, the difficult reality that both mothers and children must learn through experience. Our mothering relationships are like intricate dances through time and space, forming patterns as unique as our individual children. And just as we’re getting our footing, the rhythm is sure to shift.

Enjoyable as a sequel to The Mother in Me as well as a stand-alone volume, this anthology of personal essays and poetry begins on the first notes of middle childhood and concludes with the finale of high school graduation. Its pages explore a wide variety of turning points that come in the outward motion of family life and the inward dynamics of personal growth. To be sure, the dance of motherhood is often more of a stumble. But with candor, insight, and the bittersweet inspiration Segullahwriters are known for, these thirty contributing authors convincingly show that even the clumsiest of dancers have moments of grace.

So there it is. I am proud as a mama-hen to have been chosen for this book. Working with Kathryn Lynard Soper has been an enriching and educational experience. The woman is a powerhouse, and I am delighted to call her my friend. If you’re interested, you can order the book shipping now here. Or, it will be in stores later this summer.

9 thoughts on “Dance with Them

  1. Congratulations! I have been thinking about getting The Mother in Me, so now I’ll get both!

  2. I loved A Mother in Me…I am excited for this one!
    Motherhood, such a nobel calling! A great mother, which you are, a true gem!
    Lots of love!

  3. How did I miss that you were a contributor??? I read some of the essays along production, but haven’t read them all (obviously!). I can’t wait to sit down and see everything polished and shiny, and now that I know YOU’RE in it, it’s going to be a double treat!

    Wish you could come to the retreat!

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