Midnight Cowgirl

So my headache yesterday afternoon drove me to take that Excedrin, which also meant, that while my headache went sayonara, I was up until 2 a.m. And when I stay up that late, there is pretty much only one place I’ll be: Making stuff. Always been that way, probably always will be- I’ve seen the sun rise from the dark side of night more times that I have the bright side of morning.

Last night, I decided Abby needed a new dress, and I didn’t have a pattern I liked, so I made my own. Creating is a messy process- at least for me. This is my Notions Wall:

This morning, I actually had a decent dress to show for all the flying scraps, and Abby was particularly pleased- although still not a willing or cooperative model. I love the tiny chenille piping around the neck, and the double skirt, which I was inspired to do as horizontal stripes instead of the more expected vertical. A look only a four-year old can pull off, but still…

Leave me alone, mom, I’m blogging, she says. She’s actually on that computer right now, playing on Noggin and singing the Star Wars theme at the top of her lungs, muffled by her Darth Vader Mask. I’m hiding in the kitchen on my laptop, waiting for my artichokes to finish steaming.

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

6 thoughts on “Midnight Cowgirl

  1. The dress is adorable. I’ve also seen more sunrises (many, many more) because I stayed up late than because I got up early.

    I also try not to take Excedrin late at night because of its effects on my sleep, but sometimes it’s necessary — it really does work wonders on headaches (and for the few it doesn’t kill, I still have tylenol 3 from the birth of the youngest).

    When I stay up late (way too often) I do all sorts of things. I blog, I clean, I do laundry, I play games, I watch TV, I write. It’s the most productive time of day for me (always has been). Luckily my children are willing to watch cartoons in the morning without bothering me too much for a little while, at least.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a cute dress. I wish I could wear that but you’re right, it works really well at 4 but not so well at 34 (sigh!).

  3. Cute cute dress. Oh I wish I had that talent, or that my sleepless nights were so productive. I watch tv (well, stuff on the internet, no tv connection here) or movies until I fall asleep. Sometimes it’s hours and hours. I watch until the brain fries and I can’t tell if I’m still watching or sleeping. I hate nights like that, though they’re becoming more and more frequent.

    I once slept soundly after taking 4 Excedrin. Yup, 4. Of course, I’d been up for 25+ hours holding my daughter whose blood pressure had dropped to 40/20. Didn’t know if we’d make it through the night. She pulled through, the headache struck, and I still zonked out. Othwerwise one Excedrin at 6am will keep me going until well after midnight.

  4. Oh Tracy, to have your talent and ability. I am envious…jealous!
    I want it…the talent and a dress (but in my size!)

    I wish I was as productive on nights like those (though thankfully they don’t happen too often). Generally I can’t shut my mind off, but if I write down what is going through it, it usually lets me rest. That, or I just get up and get the stuff done. It is a productive time.

    Hoping you don’t have many more nights like that….

  5. When I can’t sleep I either blog or make stuff and sometimes I read. The dress is darling. I love the horizontal stripes. Too cute! Enjoy your artichokes!

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