One Liners

  • I have no desire whatsoever to see the new Twilight movie. Ditto MacGrubber.
  • Burger King sells big bags of ice at their drivethru for a buck. Like.
  • Hoping the weather holds so I can have a yard sale on Saturday.
  • It’s storming like mad tonight. I dug out a flashlight, just in case.
  • Wednesday TV is poopy.
  • I just watched all of Firefly on Hulu. Lurves me some Joss.
  • I’ve dropped six sizes in pants. It’s awesome.
  • Did you know when you lose weight, your feet shrink? Also awesome.
  • School starts in a few weeks, and I forgot how much books cost. Holy. Cow.
  • Helped a friend pack her house to move this morning. Payback.
  • The Eternal Laundry cycle has really got me bugged.
  • I miss my mom. And my brothers. And the rest of my family.
  • I can’t think beyond right now. If I do I will panic. So I don’t.
  • Am reading a book by Billy Graham on angels. Interesting. Different.
  • Adam and Jamie are mythbusting the guy on the slide flying into the plastic pool.
  • Mo is moving, and I don’t want to talk about it.
  • My brain feels stuck in the shallows right now, and I can’t say I’m enjoying it.
  • I can’t decide- backpack or messenger bag for college?
  • The corner of my front yard is flooded, and I don’t know why. Sigh.

26 thoughts on “One Liners

  1. I must check out this Firefly show. I’ve heard it mentioned a few times here and there but nothing beyond that. I’m curious. Adam and Jamie crack me up and I love seeing my old back yard in their show.

  2. One liners…I have to admit that is what I feel that is where my life is right now too.

    Want to come help me pack in Malta?
    Want to come help me garage sale my mom’s stuff in Alaska?

    Oh, and you inspire me…I am joining YMCA when I get to Alaska…

    Come on Tracy, I can make you a world traveler!

    Oh, and I have an opinion (shocking, I know!)…messenger bag!

    Lots of love!

  3. Messenger bags may look cool, but backpacks are much better. They distribute the weight of your books easier than a messenger bag.

    Also SIX SIZES!? FREAK. Guess I better get me to the gym.

  4. I used a messenger bag the first year I went back to the university. I ended up with one shoulder constantly tense. Now I use a cheap carry-on with wheels and drag that thing everywhere. If you are dealing with stairs, then get the backpack.

  5. Messenger bag, because you can switch shoulders when one gets tired, and you can’t really do that with a backpack. Unless you get one of those backpacks with the strap that clips around the waist for support, because those are totally awesome at saving you back pain, but also usually awesomely expensive…

    I think one of the things that saved my back in college was having one of those expandable file folders instead of a binder/notebook for every class. It saved so much room in my bag! I used a different pocket for each class and I was able to fit all my notes and handouts together easily. Now don’t worry about getting notes for different classes mixed up, because there is the added bonus of buying a pack of brightly colored printer paper and using a different color for each class. It will make you happy to be writing on such pretty paper, there are no lines to follow so you can write at all angels and draw plenty of diagrams, and it is super easy to keep track of the colors.

    Good Luck!

  6. I went with a backpack, make sure you use both straps. They have some really nice backpacks at costco right now for $16 and they can hold a laptop if you need it to, and they have nice wide straps and a place for your waterbottle. I found that I didn’t take my laptop on campus as much as I thought I would mainly because it was super heavy to lug around each day. I’m looking into a notebook for next semseter.
    That is awesomeness on the losing 6 sizes!!! I just turned in my app at the Y so I’m waiting to hear back anyday now.
    Understand the missing family. Though my parents get home next Wednesday. They have been on a mission in Russia for the last 18months. I get to see them on the 5th of june, can’t wait.

  7. A backpack–it is much more ergonomic if you are willing to wear both straps. Lands’ End backpacks are great–but maybe a little pricier than others. They have an excellent guarantee though and good quality.

    The nice thing about the other commenter’s Costco suggestion is that you could go and try it on and see if it fits you well. $16 is a fantastic price if it is truly a quality item. And they also have a great guarantee!

    Like the other commenter, I would also possibly consider a backpack with wheels, depending on what your stair situation is. Big textbooks can really do a number on your frame. Who needs extra chances at back pain? Lands’ End has a big roomy backpack that converts to a roller. My daughter uses it mainly as a roller. It has withstood incredible abuse! (Maybe you don’t need a bag that good–you are probably much, much, kinder to bags than a 10 year old!)

    Good luck with school Tracy! I have finished school, but I would love to go back! You are lucky and you will do great!

    So sorry about Mo moving–all of us who are long time readers of the blog can guess what a loss that will be.

  8. I actually do want to see the new Twilight movie, but no money to do so. Most of my kids LOVE Firefly (and Serenity). CONGRATS on the weight loss. Feet shrink?! Maybe I’ll have to get serious about that. In the fall, we’ll have 2 in college. And in another year (when my son returns from his mission) we’ll have 3. They are all going to work to help pay for stuff like those massively expensive books. Hooray for scholarships, grants and loans! I’d be willing to tackle your eternal laundry if you would clean my eternally dirty bathrooms. Sorry Mo is moving. That will be hard for you both.

    I miss my family, too. It’s been 6 years since we’ve been able to make it out for a visit. Sometimes it sucks living far away from family. (But you also miss the inevitable drama, so it’s also good!)

    Continue to focus on taking each day as it comes. Endure well enough for now. Here’s my take on being in the shallows… At least you aren’t out in the deep end drowning!

  9. I liked a messenger bag when my school load (and books) were light — like in the summer. But a backpack for the heavy loads.

    Also, if you can get the ISBN for your textbooks, you can often find them cheaper on amazon used (plus shipping) or borders or barnes and noble. Not always, but often. But this sometimes means bugging teachers for ISBN numbers weeks before school so you can order them in time. Even used, textbooks are pricey. Sell back what you can to the bookstore or amazon after the semester.

  10. Backpack.

    Because messenger bags, while nifty-looking, can’t hold all the books you need (seriously, have you ever tried to lift the Norton Anthology of English Literature? That thing is h-e-a-v-y).

    And you need chronic back pain, right?

  11. Towards the end of my schooling career, I just checked out the textbooks from the school library. Seriously. They always had them.

    6 sizes? That’s INTENSE. WTG!

    I don’t know why your yard is flooded. If I were truly psychic, I would know.

  12. I’m glad becca already told you about buying books online, it has saved me at least half on my texts.

    Down six sizes, Awesome!

  13. I’m in the backpack crowd. Nate used a messenger bag in law school, and he ended up in the hospital with back and chest pains so severe that they thought he was having a heart attack. No joke! He switched to a backpack after that.

    6 sizes is amazing. Truly awesome. You are my hero. (But you already knew that, right?)

  14. Yay you on the dropping sizes! Adult college student here: definitely backpack–distributes weight evenly and leaves your hands free. Good stuff to be had at Textbooks at or Or used from the student bookstore. Some books, unfortunately, have to be purchased new from the bookstore–text publishing is a racket.

  15. Backpack!

    Keep up the great work!

    Miss you a lot….glad things are going well….please use me if you need assistance with anything pertaining to school…I am expecting an email or two once school starts.

  16. Thanks Naun. Miss you too. And HEATHER!!

    Looks like backpack is the verdict. Any opinions by anyone on if I actually need to take my labtop each day, or can I go old skool and use a pen and paper?

  17. Pencil and paper with the occasional use of a pen. It sounds like ther verdict is out but I love my messenger bag. Laptop as needed but it won’t be very much and you can almost always find a computer to use on campus. If you ride the bus to campus you might want your laptop since they have wifi on the bus now.

  18. I tried taking my laptop but it was too heavy for hauling around everyday. And I found that I really didn’t need it. But I am more of a writing person, I learn better by writing it down. I found that I really like mechanical pencils because I can still erase what I’ve written but I don’t need a sharpner. I did talk to a few people that used their laptops daily but I think that was more because of the classes they were taking.

  19. Also, as a college professor, let me say that I’m suspicious of people with laptops. They frequently look like they’re having WAY too much fun to be paying attention.

  20. Beth, LOL! I imagine Facebook, et. al. are huge temptations for many students.

    My kids love mechanical pencils, but I’ve all but outlawed them in our house. A few years ago, an inch-long piece of lead fell on the carpet and wasn’t found. My youngest daughter stepped on it and it embedded into her foot. We couldn’t get it out, even after multiple soaks with Epsom Salts, etc. I had to take her to Urgent Care, where even the nurses had to make multiple attempts to get it out. It was worse than any sliver I’ve ever seen, and I’ve experienced some doozy slivers! So I am not a fan, even though I appreciate the convenience.

    Tracy, good luck with school! I’m a little jealous. My “someday I’ll go back and finish” hasn’t yet arrived…

  21. Holy cow, Tracy. Six sizes! You are an inspiration.

    I’d recommend a backpack. Messenger bags look cooler, but hurt more.

  22. I just had to chime in because I can’t believe backpacks got so many votes! I’ve always been a messenger bag gal , if worn properly they’re great. A gazillion bicycle messengers can’t be wrong!
    You never told us the verdict on the pool/slide guy.
    I’m glad you can finally wear those shoes because they are HOT
    Firefly is the stuff. Hands down. The end.
    No really, the end, I got nothin else

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