13 Fresh Flavors

In the eight+ years I’ve lived in Washington, I have often wondered exactly how one makes sauerkraut (or Sour Krout, if you insist) in THIRTEEN fresh flavors. Try as I might, I can only come up with a few: plain, garlic, maybe fennel? After that, I am utterly stumped. Blue raspberry? Bubblegum? I’ve always been too scared to stop and ask. However, the sweet deal on gardon sockers temps me…

14 thoughts on “13 Fresh Flavors

  1. Maybe it it is like those kool-aid pickles… blegh. Now I am picturing neon colored cabbage shoved into a sno cone.

  2. I’m so confused. First off, 13 flavors of sour kraut? Isn’t it just called kimchi at that point?

    And 2, this is in Washington? Which one?! Because I grew up in WA state, and would LOVE to know if there are 13 flavors of kraut to be found…..

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