Whatcha Makin’ Son?

Abby had to pee four times in the grocery store- but I think it was more about the Dyson Air Blades than it was about actual bladder control- so when I finally reached in my purse to pay from my mountain of groceries, I was already on the annoyed side of the fence. Pulling out my wallet, I found this little list, written on the back of a piece of origami paper. Before Jeffrey left for school, he had mentioned something about picking up some things he wanted from the market- I just wasn’t expecting quite… this.

I’m still struggling with why he needs concrete molds. I can see super glue- I mean, it’s super, and it’s glue! What’s not to love? But concrete molds? Unless perhaps he was hoping the request for Hot Pockets would seem sane after asking for concrete molds…?

10 thoughts on “Whatcha Makin’ Son?

  1. Maybe he just want to figure out for himself -just how do they do it? You know- those commercials where they try and figure out how they get that big cheese flavor into that tiny cracker! I love all of the regular things mixed in with the other things!

  2. Oooh, I shudder to think what my child would write on his list if he were only able to write….. I’m pretty sure it would include a lot more sugar than Jeffrey’s list!

  3. And that is why I love having two boys! (and one darn creative girl who would really be the one to come up with this list and have a purpose for it!)

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