Micro Brain Dump

  • Had a garage sale yesterday.  Did okay, but since it was first sunny day in 700 years, I got burned to a crisp before I even realized it was warm. My forehead and nose look like blistered watermelon. It’s rainy and overcast again today. I guess that was summer
  • Took all three kids with some family friends to an art fair in the park last night. It went… tentatively well. I do have to figure out how to make a swinging hammock chair for Bean… it was like flipping a shark over and rubbing it’s stomach- he became utterly comatose in the sample. Google, help a mama find some directions to make one…
  • I’ve caught myself saying things I swore I would never say: This is why we can’t have nice things! How many times do I have to tell you?  What were you thinking? So help me, if I have to remind you again! Chew with your mouth closed! And so on. My decent into madness continues…
  • Some guy at the garage sale asked if I had any guns or ammo for sale. Is that even legal? Who shops for guns at a garage sale??
  • Things are hard. That’s probably why I haven’t had much to say lately. They’re just sucky and hard, and I’m not dealing with it as well as I want to. It’ll all be fine, and big picture, we’re okay.

11 thoughts on “Micro Brain Dump

  1. * You make me wonder if my son who is on a mission in your general area got a little burned yesterday… and wonder if the weather is that different between the two cities. After all, we had thunderstorms this week, but the pro baseball team 2 hours south played their home game in sunshine. 🙂

    * If I were a betting woman, I’d bet you will discover how to create a swinging hammock chair for Bean!

    * I cringe when I realize I sound like my parents… I guess we can descend into madness together. I bet we have a lot of company!

    * Who shops for guns at a garage sale?? That’s just creepy!

    * Life is often sucky and hard, and it’s normal to go through times when you don’t deal with it as well as you want to. At least that’s my experience. I just keep taking one breath and one minute at a time. Usually that holds the panic at bay… for a while. Good luck! I’m still praying for you. It’s a long, tough road, Tracy, but someday the sun will shine for you again.

  2. There’s instructions for a hanging chair (not a hammock) on Scribbit today. Not quite what you’re looking for but it might be helpful anyway in conjunction with the eHow article.

  3. I’m sure you could crochet the hammock as well. Finger crochet with rag strips seems to be the most popular suggestion online, but normal crochet with rag strips or a strong twine or rope should work just as well. Just a basic grid pattern.

  4. i want to send you a hug and a swing/hammock. Mr Renn’s parents have one from one of their South American travels and all the grandkids love it. I can’t find anything like it online for less than $50 with shipping though…. (and we don’t get a paycheck until the end of July….)

  5. Sometimes things are just hard and it’s ok to just have it be hard.

    That’s the thought I had tonite as I was pushing through another day.

    Know that you remain in my thoughts, and your name continues to be remembered in sacred places.

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