Friday Brain Dump

I’m reading Sula again. I’m spellbound, completely wrapped up in the pictures Toni Morrison paints with words, and it leaves me feeling like an inadequately juvenile and wretched writer. Like a child hammering on Motzart’s harpsichord. Like I should throw my pens in the trashcan and go cook dinner instead. Only I’d never throw my Mont Blanc away.

I made it through the first season on LOST on Hulu, but I had to make myself watch the last three episodes. No interest whatsoever in watching season 2. But I am thoroughly enjoying Mad Men. The characters are way more interesting, complex, nuanced. I’ve been told it’s a character flaw that I lost interest in LOST. Whatevs…

Bean ate a fishstick tonight. If you have an ASD kid, you know that warrants a ticker-tape parade.

The YMCA interviewed and snaped a couple pictures of me and the kids for a promo piece they are doing after reading my blog, particularly the pieces I wrote about my first visits earlier this year. They have also asked about filming a 3-5 minute promotional mini-film. Weird and surreal.

My nose and forehead is still peeling from last Saturday’s garage sale. It’s cute, too, let me tell you. Great sheets of red skin bubbling and rolling off. Lovely.

Very tentatively, it looks like potty-training armageddon might have actually worked. Abby is completely out of pull-ups during the day, and is actually noticing when she’s got to pee. It’s a miracle.

We roasted marshmallows over the gas burners tonight and had indoor s’mores. Bean ate those too- but he likes marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers, and giving the boy access to fire is a sure thing.

My plate is very full, and I’m trying to walk the line between tackling things one at a time, not panicking, and actually accomplishing things. It feels like as long as I don’t look down, I’ll be fine, but it’s really hard to keep my eyes trained on the horizon. Slippery. Dangerous. But at the same time, I feel like I have to look down, and maybe if I do, the ground really will be much closer than I think. I have to decide what’s more scary- knowing, or not.

Bean wants a fish. Jeffrey wants a new bird. Nevermind that we have three of them. Abby wants a lightsaber. Go figure.

My textbooks are almost all here, and I get to print my syllabus on Monday and then I can get started on my reading. No idea how this is going to effect my blogging, writing, or creativity. But for better or worse, this is the new ride. Get in, and buckle up.

Mo is moving tomorrow. Lalalalalalala…. can’t hear you.

9 thoughts on “Friday Brain Dump

  1. Ahh…brain dumps…

    I love the last line…lalalalalalala…can’t hear you. That is how I feel about the fact I leave in 2 weeks and will be apart from my husband. Can’t hear you. It isn’t time yet.

    • A week ago, I just cold-turkey-ed it with Abby. No pull-ups, no training pants. It was rough. We had a lot of pee to clean up, but she seems to finally be getting it.

  2. I loathe “Lost” and so does Jeremy. We made it through the first fifteen minutes of the first show and that was enough for us. We are the only people we know who think “Glee” is just plain gross and I have heard the “character flaw” comment on that one. Whatevs..pretty much sums it up!

    You will LOVE school! It is magical…enjoy it this time around ๐Ÿ˜€

    • B, I’m right there with you with Glee too. The songs are HORRID remakes- sappy and syrupy and tacky- the rendition they did of P-Funk and George Clinton was one of the worst karoke-quality crapfests I’ve ever heard. What has American Idol done to our musical sensibilities?

  3. I got through the first DVD of the first season of Lost and felt the same way – no desire to continue! Enjoyed Mad Men, anxious for the new season. I really liked the first season of Heroes, tolerated the second, and stopped watching mid-way through the third. Am now trying out Battlestar Galactica – midway through the second season I’m still really enjoying it, although DH is less interested. Just thought I’d share!

    Good luck with school and best wishes getting through the challenges.

  4. I hear you on the fishstick parade. G hadn’t eaten mashed potatoes for over a year, so when he finally did it was front page facebook news. Something along the lines of “take that, oral motor sensory issues!”

  5. We felt the same way about Lost – so glad we aren’t the only ones! Yay for Bean to eat a fish stick – I can’t even get my 3 year who doesn’t have ASD to try one ๐Ÿ˜› Yay for Abby on potty training too – we did an Armageddon last year with my 3 year old – it wasn’t pretty but it worked. Love a good brain dump ๐Ÿ™‚

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