New Kicks = What a Difference!

You all know I’m a Yeti, right? I’ve posted about my shoe woes before. I wear a women’s size 12. Yes, you read that right. Twelve. It’s finally easier to find 11’s, but since I had babies, the monsters on the end of my legs grew even more, and I need a 12 now. It’s not funny. It’s quite sad- as most shoes that go up that big are Transvestite shoes, and I really have no interest in nine-inch lucite platforms or leather lace-up hip-boots.

So for years, I’ve shopped in the men’s department for my athletic shoes. Yes, Nike and a few other brands make women’s sizes up to 12’s, but they’re really hard to find, and usually way expensive. That means it’s been literally years since I had a pair of women’s athletic shoes. This has been an issue only in that men’s shoes are usually too wide, and I have to lace them tightly. But as I’ve lost weight, a miraculous thing has happened- my feet are shrinking too! I can actually get on an eleven now- that doesn’t mean they fit yet, but I CAN get them on. Think Drusilla in Cinderella. On the days when I feel discouraged or disgruntled this is the thing that keeps me going. Is that sad? I am more vain about my feet than I am about my butt. The idea of being able to wear an eleven again is more motivating than having a cute butt. But so help me, it’s true.

So today, I ran into Ross, the el-cheapo discount store, to grab a new workout bra. And as I raced back to the workout apparel, I noticed some shoes on the usually dismally populated 11-13 rack. They were Saucony running shoes, and they were women’s size 12. Oh, be still my heart! I dropped everything, and slipped my feet in… it was heavenly. They weren’t too wide, they weren’t too loose, they weren’t too stiff… they were just right! At they were only $34! Marked down from $109! Score!!

I’ve been wearing them all day, and I can’t wait to hit the gym. The arch is in the right spot, they are nice and narrow, they’re cushioned… welcome back, me, to the world of women’s shoes. If that’s not enough to keep me going, nothing is.

16 thoughts on “New Kicks = What a Difference!

  1. Oh sweet mercy! Congratulations! I am SO happy for you!

    I have a very love hate relationship with shoes as well. My foot measures as a 5.5 but because I have the world’s widest feet I have to buy a 6.5 or 7 just to walk. Now that my knees are surrounded by arthritis I usually can be found wear Merrells or some other form of “stand on concrete for 12 hours” duty shoes. blech. Again SO happy you found shoe nirvana today!

  2. I’m so jealous! I’ve been wearing size 12 since I was 13. I have NEVER found athletic shoes in my size. I’ve always purchased men’s shoes and then had to make sure that they look absolutely nothing like my husband’s since we wear the same dang size.

  3. I paid $127 for Sauconys at my local running store and you score a Ross bargain at $34?! Okat I am envious and shall repent. I am also incredibly thrilled for you. I know what a difference it makes to get real running shoes.

  4. Fantastic find!! Tracy, you must be floating on air… or running on it.

    S’mee, I have the same problem with small yet wide feet… Ugh. I hate shopping for shoes.

  5. My Saucony’s cost $74.00, so I’m pretty impressed at the $34 too. But girl, I coulda told you that shoes are worth the money, and I didn’t think about the fact that you were working out in old shoes.

    For everyone within the sound of my, er,voice, I say, “DON’T RUN/WORKOUT IN BAD SHOES!” You will pay for it later. Literally. Doctor bills cost a whole lot more than even the most expensive shoe.

    And I will never run in anything else but Saucony. Wow but they are awesome shoes.

  6. Also, just one more tip. If you indeed decide to step up your running, you should seriously think about having somebody look at the wear pattern on your shoe and evaluate what kind of shoe is best for you. DH ran an entire half marathon on an expensive but ill-fitting shoe, and had blisters for months. After seeking a consultation with a shoe expert, he got better shoes and hasn’t had a blister since. Honestly, I can’t stress enough that if you are going to kick things up a notch, you need the equipment to help you kick it injury free.

  7. May, 2004 – For a marketing campaign, a shoe buyer travels to China in search of buying shoes to outfit a Sasquatch family. With only one pair ever manufactured in that size, she returns home with it. After years of searching, Saucony gives up their ill-fated campaign and sells the shoe to Ross in August, 2007. The shoe sits there for three more years before the elusive Yeti wonders into a Ross store in the Pacific Northwest and buys it.

  8. That is an AWESOME find! I love Saucony’s – they are great for running! I currently have Mizuno’s which I also love but I often think about going back to the Saucony’s, the arch support was just so fantastic and I have huge arches. I can only imagine how happy your feet are today and I will try to be more thankful for my size 6.5 feet 🙂

  9. I do all my working out in Roller Skates, and I saved my pennies and got a really nice pair. My best pair of shoes are strapped to wheels! I think that’s kind of funny.

    Congrats on the new shoes 🙂

  10. My feet are size 12, AA. It’s that narrow part that is really awful. But — you need to check out Zappos, and You can just have the site show you the shoes that are in stock that actually fit you. No more looking longingly at shoes that won’t fit you. And they do have a wide range of styles– no more transvestite shoes.

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