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Chaos reins. The kids cheered last night when I turned in my paper and actually had a WHOLE evening with no homework. Oh, sure I could have started some to give myself a cushion, but they needed me to just hang with them. Hanging actually meant an episode of Mythbusters with new ideas involving duct-tape, but whatever.

Abby has a mad love affair with Boursin. Like her mama. Although, I can usually restrain from EATING THE WHOLE WEDGE. My girl now stinks like a garlicky, fine French cheese. Mmmmm….

Are you still drinking water from disposable water bottles? If so? Stop. It takes about 1/4 the volume of the vessel in crude oil to make each bottle. Look at your Dasani bottle and imagine it 1/4 full of gloppy Gulf oil. Go to Target and buy some reusable bottles, stat. I won’t spring for the expensive Siig bottles, but I like the Rubbermaid two-pack flip-top bottles for under $4. We have a dozen of them, and the kids use them exclusively as well. Easy and simple. End of soapbox for today.

I caught Bean showing Abby how to pee standing up last night.

Jeffrey’s eyeball deep in the Percey Jackson books. I’m thrilled, actually. For months now his reading has been confined to Calvin & Hobbes. Don’t get me wrong- j’adore Calvin & Hobbes- but I’m happy to see him reading something with more substantial vocabulary and plot. Although, who didn’t learn what “transmogrify” meant from C&H?

Ramping up again- papers due in three classes, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Then midterms next week. Deep breath…

Got all my papers off to the state of California today, proving that I have not, in fact, lived there since 2002, and that I do not, in fact, owe them income tax as a resident in 2008. Why is the burden of proof on me??

I let the kids make sundaes for dinner last night. Yes, I did. We went to the market, and they got to pick ice cream. Bean had a banana split, and the other two opted for entirely unhealthy. Sometimes being a single mama has its perks.

I wonder when my tax return that the Treasury Department seized to pay my child support will finally show up… the part that burns me, is he gets credited for paying the child support from that money, even though the taxes would never have even been filed had I not done it. Fairness is a joke. Anyone wonder why some divorced women get bitter…?

Trying to figure out a way to get down to see my family in the short window of when my school is out, and the boys start back. We really need a small break, and I miss my family. We’ll see if it works- it’s going to take a miracle, with what airfare is right now, and the idea of four days in the car on the road with just me and the kids? Makes me start to shake.

7 thoughts on “At My House

  1. If you decide to drive and head through my neck of the woods, you are most welcome at my house to stop over. Toys and movies to occupy the kids until they sleep, and cooking by a fellow foodie. I’ll even lay in a supply of Boursin cheese. 🙂

  2. Mythbusting is a science!

    I don’t drink water unless it comes from a disposable bottle. Basically I don’t trust anything that comes out of a tap. Unfortunate side affect of living in a third world country that I’m still trying to get over. Yes, I know, that’s weird AND environmentally unfriendly.

  3. We love us some Boursin and some Calvin and Hobbes, too!

    Banana splits for dinner. I’ll have to file that idea away for just the right day. The day when I’m pulling out all my hair and the boys are hanging from the rafters… If we had rafters.

  4. We had salty dogs for dinner (vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and peanuts of some kind on top). I’m the best mom in the whole world right now, according to my kids,too bad that’ll only last until the fighting starts back up and privileges are lost.

  5. When I’m in my home state I don’t mind reusing water bottles or using the stainless steel ones I just got. However, when we’re traveling out of state we’re going to buy bottled water. Tap water is nasty, which is why we have a reverse osmosis system on our facet.

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