Two things: First, I clearly don’t like to change my thread colors, and just sew everything in off-white. Oh well. Second, what is up with the little girl clothes in stores? We’ve had this conversation before- the hoochie mama clothes and sizing for girls’ clothing is absurd. Perhaps if you have a daughter who is a whisp, some of the clothes available will look cute on her. But whispy girls tend to look cute in everything anyway. No offense to the whisps of the world. All I wanted was a simple sundress for Abby, made from cotton and not synthetic, and without spaghetti straps. Shouldn’t be so hard, huh? Well, I suppose if I wanted to shop high-end I could have more options, but instead I found this one-yard sundress pattern:

Okay, it actually calls for more than a yard, but if you are willing to put a seam up the back and not have a second fold, you can totally jimmy it out of one yard. Once I made the first one, I started to add details, ruffles, trim and what not. Fueled by an Excedrin headache one night, I made all six sundresses for Abby. Stacked ’em, whacked ’em and sewed ’em up. They came out really cute, I think, and they are big, loose and airy- with not buttons or zippers, and are perfect for my girl. And probably for yours too.

20 thoughts on “Sundresses

  1. What a Handy Dandy Mama you are and what a lucky little girl you have! The dresses are beautimous.

  2. Cute! I totally hear you on the kids clothes and my girl is on the whispy side. Those turned out so cute and I love the extra ruffles and trim and stuff. Plus making them each from a yard is awesome.

  3. You mean people sew with colors other than off-white? I’ll bend over backwards to not have to rethread my machine!

  4. I think you should sell these. Seriously. I’d probably be your first customer, especially if you have more of the vintage-y fabric.

    • Two of them are made from sheets I found at Value Village, and the other four are made from fabric I had on hand- I bought absolutely nothing to make them 🙂 But if I started selling them, I would probably have to buy some fabric…

  5. If you started selling these, I bet people would be willing to mail you fabric to make them- I would! And I wouldn’t even care what thread you used! They look beautiful!

  6. I have found Excedrin Migraine fueled nights to be amazingly productive. Last year I sewed my daughters prom dress in one night (14 piece dress, no less!) with only the benefit of two those pills. I still had the headache in a mild form but boy, was I buzzing.

    This month I am working on 6 skirts for my daughter on a mission in Portland Ore. I found a Simplicity pattern (4 pieces of fabric) with a pull on waist band. I’m whipping these puppies out in a couple of hours per skirt, without Excedrin. I decided I like the skirts enough I will make some for myself. At 2.00 per yard (Wal-mart clearance), 2 yards per skirt, I can afford to be extravagant.

    Sewing is therapy for me. And I don’t have ANY of your creative flair. You take it up a notch, girl.

  7. Adorable dresses! You almost make me wish for a girl. I agree with you about the clothing designs for girls today. The little extras you put on really make the dresses sparkle and will make your daughter feel even more special. 🙂

  8. You are sooooo talented. I want to be you when I grow up too! (I’m 34, so I’m almost a grown-up!) those are darling dresses, and I hear ya on the girls clothing of today. I took my 7 year old out to buy a new dress for her birthday and everything we saw looked like a nightie or a teddy. I was super disappointed. My daughter got tired of picking something and me saying it’s not appropriate.

  9. Okay, so adorable. Love the lemon fabric – so cute! I hear you on the girls clothes thing too. My two oldest girls are 8 and 6 and it is SO hard to find them anything. They are very much whispish so almost nothing fits since once we get something that fits in the body it is way too short. Add to that the overall general trampiness of clothes available and it is a nightmare! Wish I had your talent for sewing – you really are so gifted!

  10. I don’t even have a child – let alone a girl-child – and you’ve made me wish I could run off and sew sun dresses. Those are so pretty!

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