Done and Done

My last final was submitted this morning, and the sense of relief was immense and unanticipated. I had thought I was dealing with the pressure well enough, but it’s another situation of the frog in hot water… and when the valve tipped and the steam released, I hadn’t even realized how heavy it had been. My dreams of a perfect quarter are in shreds, but I still hope to pull high enough grades to score some grants and scholarships. In one class I know I have perfect number, but the other two will adjust with a weighted total, so I have to wait until Wednesday to find out. At this point, I hardly care. I did my best.

Now a month of languid days lies ahead of me. It’s really my first day of summer vacation- deep into August. My poor kids have had a tense mama who hasn’t been much fun, studying most of the days. Jeffrey said he estimates the amount of homework I did in the last 8 weeks is more than he’s done in four years of school. I told them from here on out, it’s a Yes summer. I plan on being as free and flowing with them as I possibly can manage- starting today with a Yes Day. That means they got popsicles, frozen pizza and Nerds (I never let them get non-chocolate candy. I have this weird idea that almond M&M’s are at least redemptive in their candyness by virtue of the almonds. I know, I know.)

One of my aunts sent them a box of books for summer reading, and each of them a gift certificate to Baskin Robbins- so not only did they get unredeemed candy today, but they are begging me to take them for ice cream tonight. You know? I just might.

11 thoughts on “Done and Done

  1. Good for you! You all deserve it. You worked hard and the reward and payoff will be amazing. Enjoy the rest of your “yes summer”. I have a feeling your kids will remember this summer fondly.

  2. Yeah, I think today is the first day in a while that I actually AM enjoying my kids, instead of just trying to put out fires so I can work on an assignment. I think my school will be easier when THEIR school starts and I’m not pulled in 100 different directions. We made it, but it was harder than I thought it would be… 😉

  3. There are many situations in life that are harder than we thought they would be… and still turn out to be blessings in disguise.

    Enjoy your Yes summer days with your children!

    I love chocolate, and I love almonds. From now on, I am eating them with their redemptive qualities in mind… 🙂

  4. Blown their minds and suprise them by taking them to ice cream for dinner tomorrow. :-). That will be the memory they end their summer on :-).

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