California: Academy of Sciences

Where else can you see a planetarium show on the creation of the universe, a four-story self-contained biodome (with an airlock to make sure you don’t have any hitch-hiking free roaming butterflies on you as you leave!) a full aquarium, and a natural history museum- and all under one environmentally sustainable living green roof? Yeah, it was awesome.

Back when I was a kid, Steinhart Aquarium was where we went for our Family Outings, but a few years ago, they redid the whole shebang, and boy howdy, they did it up right. The entire complex is now sustainably built, and they even harvest their own rainwater from a living roof (you’re welcome to traipse around up there, but the idea of willingly taking Bean on a roof with me being the only adult was a tad too much for my stomach). The enormous tanks are fed directly from the Pacific ocean, and all the habitats are natural and sustaining- and absolutely incredible.

My kids are celebrating that the Megalodon jaws over the Aquarium entrance are fossilized- or maybe that’s just me. Have I told you how I feel about sharks? So anyway, only small sharks, thank you very much. Did you know Great White’s give live birth? Me neither.

We spent all day there, and never even got to the display on Extreme Mammals. I know! Then we headed up across the Golden Gate, because it’s just necessary. After the baker yesterday in the City, it was joyous to have the cool, awesome, wonderful (did I mention I hate heat?) blessed fog rolling through the gates…

(Anyone else noticing a theme?) And then, in the five minutes it took to get from the Point back on Hwy 1 South, the fog was pea soup. I love love love San Francisco. Or Fran Sanfisco as Abby says.

12 thoughts on “California: Academy of Sciences

  1. You’re making me homesick for the Bay. I miss the fog so much. And cool, lovely weather. And all the rain. And the bridges. I never went to Steinhart. How did I miss such a cool place? That jaw is HUGE! Jeffrey cracks me up.

  2. Gorgeous! I’m so glad you guys are doing the good stuff.

    My FIL is taking the kids to the Aquarium (three at a time) this fall. That means I get to go twice! I cannot wait!

  3. Nice. I live in the North Bay and my fiance and I just won 4 tickets to go to the Academy of Sciences. Glad to see your kids had a good time. Our little one is only four but seems he will like it. We’re hoping to hit the extreme mammals exhibit for sure!

  4. My dear girl, Go home. Listen to your heart and go home. Your religion can survive any place if it is true. You and your children need your true family. Pride goeth before a fall. I have lost many loved ones. Cherish them and their love for your children. THAT is religion.

    • Neither pride nor religion have anything to do with why I don’t live here- it’s financial and educational. I have to finish the program I am in at the University in Washington, and once I have my MAE, then I can move my children and myself to where we wish. Where that will be remains to be seen.

  5. I am sitting on a beach and you made me homesick for home. can you believe we STILL haven’t been there? Is Sunday still happening?

  6. Tracy,
    So glad that you are having a wonderful time in California…that you get to spend time with your family and your kids with thier grandparents. Alone time for you, how wonderful! I have LOVED all the pictures of your grand adventures…especially Bean eating his cheeseburger!
    I must say, you are inspiring…
    Hope continued good things to come!
    Lots of love, Kellie

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