Blackberry Time

(he’s looking at a bee he almost grabbed along with his giant blackberry)

We woke this morning to the power being out in the whole neighborhood, and rather than listening to the boys complain that there was no Wii, no computer, no phone, no cartoons… (wah! how spoiled are modern kids?) I threw them all in the car and we went out to my favorite u-pick farm and gathered in the bounty.

We missed raspberries and strawberries this year, but boy howdy, the blackberries were fantastic and HUGE! Witness:

We also picked a bushel of peaches, some bell peppers, onions, potatoes, carrots (that was great fun for Bean and Abby, and I have more carrots than I know what to do with) and a bunch of pickling cucumbers so I can throw down a batch of my grandpa’s pickles. I love harvest season.

7 thoughts on “Blackberry Time

  1. Hmmm… carrots. I’ll have to think about that one. I hope I get to try making your pickles soon. If not this year…. there’s always next.

  2. Remember this wonderful harvest during all those rainy days. Utah doesn’t get the rain or the beautiful blackberries!

  3. That last comment is my mom. My whole family reads you!

    I don’t make my jams but we now are too snob for anything but black berry jam. I remember picking berries as a kid. Hmmmm

  4. Oh, those are gigantic blackberries! And Utah might not get the rain, but blackberries do grow here, and quite well. But maybe not quite that big. I made blackberry jam with honey this year instead of sugar, and it is amazing!

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